Weekly Roundup

Masturbation Monday Week 212 Roundup

Because I didn’t organize myself very well for the next few weeks, you get me as the person choosing the top Masturbation Monday posts this week. It’s not exactly the worst task ever. Actually, the hardest part is deciding between all the amazing stories everyone shared. Thanks to Missy for providing an absolutely delightful and inspiring prompt — you helped bring out everyone’s creative…um…juices.

But let’s get into the good stuff. Here are my top posts for the week!

Reading, Interrupted by Floss

A good book does all kinds of things for the imagination and the senses. But damn, this is a book that’s got everyone turned on which means it must be amazing. Also, I clearly need to read with my friends more often.

She sounded out of breath as she answered the phone, I wondered if I’d interrupted her running errands, or doing housework, she said she was just doing some reading before she ran herself a bath though and that she had time to chat. As our conversation moved on I wondered what she had been reading, I personally love a good horror story, and many of them have made me breathless, I assumed, naively, she had experienced the same. Keep reading.

Getting Lost in a Good Book by Lascivious Lucy

Lucy always tells a good, not-quite-of-this-world story. But this time, the story is within the story, and it’s completely sexy, sadistic, and filled with all kinds of erotic power. I’m not as much of a masochist as Alicia, but I’d damn sure like to find out if I could take the Romanian Count’s brand of torture and pleasure.

Alicia pulled on a heavy gray sweater. It was thick and long, hanging halfway down her thighs. On this rainy evening it was the perfect comfort clothing.

She curled up on the couch with her favorite book and a cup of tea. She devoured the words, falling into the world of Dracula eagerly. Keep reading.

A Red Line by Cara Thereon

Cara’s writing always pulls me in and it always turns me on. But sometimes she scares me too (in a really good way). I’m still shocked at how even when it got creepy, I was still massively turned on. And I’m hoping there’s more to the story.

“Aren’t you a pretty thing…”

I had to be dreaming. I struggled to wake, but something kept pulling me back down into sleep.

Fingertips traced my face, then my lips. I parted them and I felt the touch on my tongue. Before my mouth could close, could taste his skin, the finger moved on. Keep reading.

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