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Masturbation Monday Week 213 Roundup by Jayne Renault

Jayne Renault and I are both on a mission…neither of us will let our anxious brains get in the way of a good hug when we get a chance to meet for the first time. If you don’t know Jayne, you really need to get to know her. She’s a smutty writer and a smutty editor, and a nice human. And we all need more nice humans in our life. Plus some of her tweets crack me up in the best possible way. So yes, I’m so very happy she’s choosing the top three Masturbation Monday picks this week, even if no one made it easy for her.

October is my favorite time of year. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus both came out when I was three years old, and I’ve watched them every year around this time ever since. The dark, ghastly, and macabre was sexy for me long before I understood the nuances of what makes anything sexy. And I’ve always been a little obsessed with costumes/masks/drag…

I wasn’t thinking about any of this when Kayla first asked me to do this week’s roundup. (The thoughts going through my mind then were more akin to prolonged gleeful squealing.) But having the honor of doing the first roundup of this spooky season has proven even more enjoyable than I could have anticipated.

I am FLOORED by how much of this beautiful writing community can dig into what lurks in the darkness — and how readily y’all do it. From overt demonic imagery to the more subtle human shadows that sit somewhere in all of us, this week’s set of Masturbation Monday posts really run the gambit of the beautiful, the filthy, and the damned.

And Jo’s gorgeous photo prompt seemed to be the right treat to do the trick of getting everyone in just the right spooky mood, too.

These are three that whispered most sexy and sinister to me well after I finished reading.

In The Dark… by Kisungura

There is some unassuming grace to the way Kinsungura writes. The similes are stunning without ever being too flowery or distracting. The setting is crafted so well that it hits every one of your senses, really dragging you into the scene that is about to play out. As the reader, you never lose sight of how ghoulish this whole snapshot is because Kinsugura won’t let you forget it. (Though, you are robbed of sight and sound in turn, which only heightens your ominous experience alongside our protagonist’s.)

And all the while, the trust that exists between the characters is clear, making the surrender to the dark all the more powerful and harrowing.

Her strings pulled as taut as a bow she became his puppet, rocking her hips against his sopping hand as his other pinned her to the ground, like a museum specimen on a butterfly board, by her throat. Her mouth opened in a silent cry as his velvet leaking cock tip brushed her lips. Keep reading.

Yeah. This story will be haunting my wet dreams well into next week.

Slut in the Attic by Floss

The content warnings are made clear, but I’ll reiterate: due to some of the possibly triggering themes, this story might not be for everyone. So, heed the warnings and proceed with discretion.

Now, I’m mildly obsessed with exploring the ways the human body reacts to different stimuli and how the mind interprets it. What can turn one person on can give another anxiety. What is humiliating for some is invigorating for others. This is the kind of story that threatens what we think we know of our body-mind connections and how we feel about that internal conflict. And I LOVE that.

It’s dark and disturbing. It challenges our humanity and the set of moral guidelines by which we operate in the real world versus what we might like to explore in the safety of a fantasy realm. And it’s hot as all get out for that reason.

He didn’t lock the door. So he knows. The truth is that I used to thinking about leaving, well escaping as it were. Then I just stopped. I’m warm, I’m fed and I’m useful, I don’t know that I really want much more from life. Keep reading.

Demonised by Ella Scandal

For me personally, this was the top pick of the week. It has everything I want as Jayne, the Reader. The writing is stunning, the imagery even more so. It’s dark, and brooding, and complex. It’s beautiful and tragic. It’s disturbingly hot. Dark theistic mythology has always held a special place in the black corners of my soul, and this story tugged on the shadow of my every brittle heartstring.

And the ending! My God, the ending… It chilled me to every bone, literal and metaphorical. I just want to wrap myself up in the cave of these words and stay there until spring.

Black ichor pours down my chest. She rubs her nipples in it, pulls my head forward to make me drink my own blood. It should chill me but all I feel is warmth. I want this beautiful monster to bleed me. To feed on me, to fuck me. I’m her first but I won’t be her last. Keep reading.

Thank you Jayne for the arduous (or is that erotic) task of combing through so much smut to find your favorites, and thank you to Jo from Teachers Have Sex for sharing such an amazing image to help inspire the smut.

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