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Masturbation Monday Week 214 Roundup by Nero Black

I always enjoy reading posts by Nero Black, whether they’re sexy or simply a little frustrating. They always give a peek into his head and life, and you feel like you’re right there with him. And when he lets his imagination run free and he writes smutty fiction, I’m a very happy reader. I’m so glad he agreed to choose the top three Masturbation Monday posts this week!

My judging criteria is simple: Did your story arouse me? I don’t mean to the point that I have to play with myself, but I do want it to get my blood flowing. It has to be more than just great writing with an erotic flavor – it has to be stimulating. And preferably following the prompt, although this time I wasn’t so strict on that. By my own criteria, most of my own Masturbation Monday posts wouldn’t cut the mustard either so don’t be discouraged. Overall the standard was very high this week. I picked out 9 stories and then got ruthless – this is my Top 3 (in no order):

Devil’s Fingers Part 2 by Nicci Haydon

Tentacle Porn can be quite perverted and as Haydon acknowledges herself, it can be ‘a bit rapey’ sometimes. That’s because of it’s Japanese hentai origins but the real appeal of it is that the women are really only succumbing to their deepest darkest unexpressed desires. Haydon has taken that route with this story – the victim is asked what she wants and the tentacled thing responds, knowing full well what she wants already of course. If you like non consent or forced submission erotica you’ll love this (unless slithering tentacles make you squirm – in a bad way).

Agatha watched in horror as the tentacle slithered down the wall, its thick body undulating in its wake. She wanted to scream, but no sound would come. It couldn’t be, it wasn’t possible, it was some sort of dream – some sort of nightmare. Keep reading.

His Pet by Submissy

This one snuck up on me – I was enjoying the story in the sense it was well written but about halfway through I realized my dick was hard. I think the story spoke to me because it reminded me subconsciously of my wife and how I imagine her if she’d just admit her dark desires. My wife is a Type A Power Player and yet she’d totally be like “She wanted more than ever for him to be proud of her, to desire her and to use her. She knew that he had others before who had not matched his requirements and she burned to be different… She had not always felt this way of course. When she first arrived she had been horrified at the objectification of the women here but slowly she had come around …” Yup, that’s my wife. 100%

He tapped her lightly on the bottom, indicating that she should move around the room. She worried that she looked ungainly and had been working to perfect her crawl to a smooth feline movement which would earn her his attention. She wanted more than ever for him to be proud of her, to desire her and to use her.  She knew that he had others before who had not matched his requirements and she burned to be different. She moved slowly, in fluid movements which allowed her hips to sway gently as she traversed the room. Keep reading.

Tied-Up Tuesday by Posy Churchgate

Posy has written a delicious little fantasy about Evie – tied up in bed all day, available anytime for anything. Totally at the mercy of her Master’s whims, including him ignoring her. Twelve hours tied to a bed sounds like torture to me but Posy has made it seem like the good kind. I have often wondered what it would be like to have such a fuck toy available for my own selfish pleasures – this story has made seem like a damn good idea!

The webbing straps were never removed from the bed in the spare room.  Each Tuesday found Evie bound spread-eagled to the bed, at her master’s pleasure.  On a Monday night he would set out what she’d wear, if anything.  Keep reading.

Thanks to Nero for choosing our top three posts, and to Cara Thereon for inspiring so much smut!

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