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Masturbation Monday Week 215 Roundup

I think I’m in love with themed Masturbation Monday prompts. It gets the creative juices flowing for sooooo many smutty writers! This week’s Masturbation Monday had one of it’s best weeks in ages with 32 blog posts — with several people being first-time participants. The writers blew my smutty heart away, and it’s all thanks to sub-Bee’s kinky, spidery booty.

There were so many good posts this week, but I managed to narrow it down to three (barely!).

Oh What a Tangled Web by The Other Livvy

Not only is Livvy an amazing writer, but her piece is so creative! Valentine’s Day has Cupid, but Halloween has Elena, a weaver of webs of lust and eroticism. I was absolutely captivated by the idea of her as an anti-Cupid, infinitely more interesting and only slightly devious.

This was Elena’s favourite time of year. She could, of course, weave her webs whenever she wanted but she was just more successful as the evenings drew in and people were more likely to crowd inside. Cupid, her opposite number, thrived at the other side of the year, delighting like a child in the promise of blooming flowers and prancing lambs. Nauseating. Keep reading.

Black Widow by Scandarella

As always, Scandarella turned me on and kept me on the edge of my seat. I always look forward to the twist at the end of her story, because I know it will be a surprise. This time, I was damn grateful for the twist, because (as usual), her writing was so good that I was starting to freak out a little. It was truly creepy and spooky in the best possible way!

A light, blue-tinged, hot-white, streaks through the room. Jagged, like lightning, splitting the air with a crackle, strobing in my eyes, making even the finest of the fine hairs that cover my body stand to attention. Keep reading.

Her Body Twitched by Cara Thereon

Cara always draws me into her writing — whether it’s her short flash fiction or her epic pieces and series. This piece was so freaky, spooky, and creepy, I got goose bumps. But in true Cara-style, it was also erotic and sexy so I was also turned on. But it was the visceral feeling of freakiness that really stuck with me.

Tell me your deepest fears and I’ll make it reality.”

Karen passed the game box back to Luke, shaking her head. She’d already let him talk her into coming into the old, abandoned Payten mansion, she didn’t want to do any more scary stuff. Keep reading.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and if you missed this past week, don’t worry. We have plenty of sexy, spooky, and haunting Halloween prompts for the rest of October!

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