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Masturbation Monday Week 216 Roundup by Kisungura

Kisungura is an amazing sex blogger who had me hooked from the very first post I read. Kinky smut based on kinky experiences is one of my favorite things, and she is amazing at writing it. Sometimes she makes me think of something in a new way, and sometimes I find myself nodding at the screen, thinking, “Same.” I’m so glad she shares her smutty thoughts, experiences, and fantasies with the rest of us, and I’m equally glad that she agreed to choose the top three Masturbation Monday posts this week!

I’m honored to be invited to choose my favorite stories for this week’s Masturbation Monday round up, particularly due to such a fantastically intriguing, beautiful yet haunting prompt image from the gorgeous Maria Merian.

I’m always in awe at the variety of imaginative and inspiring responses shared each week, and feel privileged to feast on the creative, personal, dark and brooding stories spun by all the writers as we approach Halloween.

As always, the standard of submissions this week was particularly high and I had some trouble and tough decisions to make in narrowing my initial choice of eight down to a final three. I wanted to include a combination of erotic fiction, surprising twists and personal experiences.

So, in no particular order, here are my top three…

Eyes in the Mirror by Cara Thereon

Cara is a skilled and creative writer and this story hooked me in right from the beginning with feelings of familiarity, concern and intrigue. I love the way Cara cleverly drops tiny breadcrumbs here and there to expertly raise the hairs on the back of your neck and provide clues that things may not, in fact, be as you initially think they are. Suddenly we, the readers, are thrown into the horror twist reveal at the same time as the character realizes and learns of their predicament, and we are left with the horrific truth just he forgets it, doomed to repeat it over and over again. Fantastic and darkly shudder inducing stuff!

“This was his punishment. To be ignored over and over.
“I’m sorry,” he breathed at his reflection in the mirror before it too shattered.
He blinked once, twice, a third time…
Opening his eyes, he glanced over to find her crying on the couch again. He sighed in frustration.
“I wish you’d talk to me, Mandy.” Keep reading.

Broken Idol by Scandarella

Scandarella weaves such deliciously dark tales and this story did not fail in leading me through a deceptively poignant and moving beginning into a sordid and erotic release, all the way to a jarring and shattering horror climax! The makings of a perfect scene. The visuals, so meticulously crafted and described, were incredibly haunting, as was the twisted desire and frustration felt by each character ultimately wrought upon each other in violence and revenge. An incredibly commanding and somewhat horrific piece!

“You always believed in an eye for an eye,” she said. “You defiled me, and I will have retribution. I’ve come for my pound of flesh.”
Piero watched in horror as her leg rose above the pallet. His ribs cracked under her weight. He pressed his lips into a thin line, tried to turn his head, but he couldn’t stop her pressing her cunt against his face. The jagged stone cut into his cheeks, tore at his mouth. She rubbed and swayed, reached back to rest her hands on his thighs. He screamed into the carved thatch of pubic hair as his bones shattered. Keep reading.

Selfishness by Nell Egremont

I love the way Nell writes, and I frequently find myself wrapped up in the woven beauty of her words. This story is no different and it touched me in emotional recognition of a deeply personal reflection of vulnerability, need and want, and how that sometimes quietly plays out. The tentative fragility in this piece is very powerful and whilst the title ‘Selfishness’ sounds harsh, I related to the desire to be at the mercy of intimate selfishness. A very compelling and emotive piece that I’m sure many readers could relate to also.

“Silently turning, with my back to him, I bent over to show my obedience – the eye contact made us almost too close for me to be able to become a creature for him. And I so longed for that. The last time I had managed it, a powerful spell was forged but never revisited and it’s as if we have been suspended ever since. My rump presented, with soft upward strokes, his large hands soon echoed out a tentative striking. I bit my lower lip, desperate to thank him with reverence and formality but I knew him not to be ready for that kind of deference yet. I had spent so much time laying my breadcrumbs for that moment, carefully engineering a space for him to take control of me without feeling pressure that I knew that any distraction would send him skittering back to his darkness.” Keep reading.

Another big thanks to Kisungura for choosing the top three posts and to Maria Merian for inspiring it all!

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