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Masturbation Monday Week 218 Roundup by Floss Liddell

I first met Floss and got to know her when she and her partner Bakji interviewed John Brownstone and myself (as the Loving BDSM duo) for their Proud to be Kinky podcast. It’s only since then that I’ve learned what a wonderful writer she is. Whether she’s sharing her kinky perspective or her erotic imagination, it’s all wonderful! I’m so glad she was willing to pick the top Masturbation Monday posts for this week!

I am a huge fan of Masturbation Monday. Not only is it a wonderful way in which to connect with and discover talented writers that add a delicious dose of sexy to my week without fail. It is as a writer an amazing source of inspiration, and it has quite often got my creative juices flowing when I was otherwise stumped for ideas.

When Kayla asked me to do the round-up I was delighted to be invited to do so and I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task and I wasn’t wrong. Everyone is fabulous and each post delivers something unique. As always with anything like this I have picked three posts that made me feel something. I am all about writing as a tool for creating emotion in the reader and with Masturbation Monday that emotion is usually ‘phwoar that’s sexy’. With that in mind here are my top picks for this week.

Should’ve Worn a Skirt by Quinn Rhodes

Quinn has a real talent for writing scenarios that make my brain go ‘ooh I want to do that’ even when it’s not really my go-to activity. This week was no exception. Her tale was erotic, arousing and had a great depth of feeling to it, which is another thing I always admire about Quinn’s writing.

We only get a handful of steps away from the building when my girlfriend stops us.

“You’re shivering. Why aren’t you wearing your jumper?”

Usually I’d roll my eyes, but today has been as exhausting as it has been brilliant, and I’m happy for her to take care of me. She holds my bag while I pull on the warm jumper, and I look up at her for approval. She steps close and wraps her own scarf around my neck, knotting it securely in place. I pout a little, but she just kisses my nose and hands my bag back. She holds my hand as we walk along, and I grin into the soft mustard fluffiness of her scarf. The cold air and the streetlights and excitement in the air create a magical feeling. I don’t want today to end. Keep reading.

No Labels Attached by Wriggly Kitty

I loved this post from Wriggly Kitty because I think it is something many of us will identify with, she certainly had me nodding my head as I read along. Labels are so prominent in life, and especially within the kink community. Wriggly Kitty articulates beautifully why sometimes letting go of them or certainly not seeing them as compulsory is the best thing we can ever do.

“I’m very vanilla,” said PS, whilst we sat in the pub.

I frowned at him, “No, you’re not. But I’m not sure how I’d describe you, I don’t think you fit any particular label.”

“But I’m not kinky like you,” he continued. “I like providing sensation, that’s all.” Keep reading.

Gifted Cock by Mrs Fever

If you’ve never visited Mrs Fever then you are missing out. Her writing style is joyfully unique, filled with humor, laced with love and super sexy. This post really made me giggle and laughter is one of my main aphrodisiacs, make me laugh and I am all yours. Sex, kink, relationships and life are often unavoidably serious, but when someone sees the funny and silly side of those things I can’t help but swoon and Mrs Fever does that so very well.

He indulges me.

Sometimes enthusiastically, occasionally befuddledly, other times with a half-horrified I can’t believe you actually want to do that look on his face and a confused “Ohhh…kaaaaay…” on his lips.

This morning it was the latter. Keep reading.

A big thanks to No Pants Endurance for providing our fun and creative prompt this week!

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