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Masturbation Monday Week 219 Roundup

Reading Masturbation Monday this week was an absolute treat. Not only did I read two weeks back to back (week 218 and week 219 — a total of 53 posts), I also identified with so many blog posts. This week my favorites are entirely personal — meaning that, on some level, the posts I chose resonated deeply with me.

The Right Thing by Jerusalem Mortimer

I have loved this entire series of posts by Jerusalem Mortimer. He not only shares navigating D/s with a new(ish) partner, but he gives us the thoughts in his head. All the insecurities, the not-being-sure, the moments of knowing he’s not doing it exactly right. Realistic D/s is definitely a kink of mine, as is peeking into a Dominant’s head. Here, we get both, making this installation one of my favorites yet.

I’d just used moral blackmail, talking about how she’d hurt me, to ensure she agreed to being punished. This was new territory for both us – I’d never punished a submissive before – but I was sure that talking about how she’d hurt me was wrong. So I’d apologised. Keep reading.

What is Wrong with My Bum? by Molly Moore

At first glance at the picture, the answer to Molly’s question is (to me), “Not a damn thing!” But once I read the post, I felt every word so hard. Even though we each get to work at home and spend our entire day with the one we love, there’s still never enough time for the kinky fuckery we need. I’m hoping Molly gets exactly what she needs — and soon!

Do you want to know what is wrong with my bum right now?

It does not look like this.

There are no bruises or bite marks, no welts or scratches. Not a hint or trace of them in fact. Keep reading.

A Bumpy Ride by Scandarella

For once, Scandarella didn’t give us brilliant and sexy fiction — she gave us brilliant, sexy, and HILARIOUS reality. Every fear Scandarella had about her first time pegging is something I’ve thought. Every fear she expressed is what I’ve told myself about why I can’t do it. But, as she always manages to do, I was willing to look at it from a new perspective.

See, my everyday self is antagonistic, stubborn, and basically a self-diagnosed pain in the arse. I’m difficult, demanding, and I have a touch of the control freak about me if the Fella is to be believed. But when it comes to the bedroom, I readily hand over every iota of power that I possess. Why? Because I don’t want control. I don’t know what to do with it, I need the Fella to take charge, to guide me, to lead me. To wrap everything that he is around me so that I feel small, safe, and cared for. In return, I strive to please him, to show him the respect I sometimes neglect to give him during the day. I work hard to give him what he needs and to make sure he knows he’s appreciated and loved. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Petra Pan for inspiring the smut and providing the delicious prompt this week!

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