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Masturbation Monday Week 220 Roundup

Last week (week 219) I was late getting the roundup out. This week, because of Thanksgiving, I’m getting it out early. You win some, you lose some.

My picks this week don’t have any theme or reason to them other than that I loved something about them so much I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

The Outlaw and the Whore by Zebra Rose

I’ve never been a fan of “western” anything, but Zebra Rose might make me change my mind. From the sheer power and control of the outlaw to the dark but sweet intimacy they share, I was hooked. I may have no concept of what it’s like to be an outlaw or a whore from the Old West, but I know what Dominance and submission looks like. And I was wanting some of what he was giving long before we got to the end of it.

Adeline is already pouring the whiskey. A generous measure for a generous man. She’d like to catch his eye like he’s caught hers many a time, but will settle for a brief half-smile and a grunt of thanks. She bustles away to the corner of the bar, resisting the urge to sneak a last sly glance at his handsome narrow-eyed features. Cheekbones you could hang your coat on. Some say he’s part Cherokee, others say his momma was a coolie girl to whom his lawman father took a shine. A scar runs through one thick dark brow and his nose has been broken more than once. Bar fights, stand-offs, mule-kick – the stories fly but facts are few. Rosemary surely knows, but Rosemary doesn’t gossip. Keep reading.

How to Fall by Brigit Delaney

In this deeply personal post, there are lessons for all of us. Learning how to fall may be one of the most difficult things any of us can do. And even when you know how to fall in one situation, that doesn’t mean the skill transfers to others. My heart goes out to Brigit right now, but I am also equally glad that she’s showing up and being present in this moment with us, too.

I learned to ski when I was very young…in fact, not long after I learned to walk, so I was pretty much already an expert at how to fall. It helped that I was packaged with ample padding and that I was already close to the ground. But, even still, part of learning to ski is learning to fall…properly. Keep reading.

Connection, No Sex by Marie Rebelle

I’ve already told Marie that I’m giving her the absolute biggest hug when I see her in March at Eroticon 2019. She’s been so open and honest in her blog (as she always is) about her personal struggles since the death of her mom and in her relationship. I’ve met her husband, and he’s absolutely lovely. I want nothing but the best for them. But the realization Marie makes in this post about the importance of connection was like a lightning bolt to me, too. Many of us in loving relationships know this to be true, even if we don’t think about it all the time.

I have written on this site before that our sex life totally went down the dumps with Master T in constant pain. It takes up all his energy, leaving nothing for any kind of frolics. The only time something happened between us, was when I had ‘moaned’ about not having sex, or told him that I am feeling insecure, feeling unloved because he doesn’t touch me. Saying that to him made me feel SO bad, because I knew he was in pain, I knew how hard the most simple things were for him and there I was: complaining because there was no sex. Keep reading.

Thank you to all the bloggers who shared your writing with us this week, and a big thanks to Lascivious Lucy who inspired us all.

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