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Masturbation Monday Week 221 Roundup

Every week, I read all the sexy stories, thoughtful smut, and erotic images bloggers share for Masturbation Monday. And every week, I’m blown away by the talent and creativity out in the sex blogging world. My job does NOT suck.

It’s not easy picking the top three posts, but it’s always entertaining.

This week, these posts painted absolutely vivid images and made me wish it was all happening to me.

Ragnar the Magnificent by Dr. J

I am not at all into role play. In fact, I hate it so much I’ve labelled it a hard limit with John Brownstone. So imagine my shock to find myself squirming while reading this piece by Dr. J. By the end, I was wishing for some Ragnar in my bedroom, too.

“What’s with the shopping bag, Red?” Alexander peeked inside and pulled out a Viking helmet.

“Props for our sex fantasy.”

“Our sex fantasy?” I hated it when he grumbled. Keep reading.

The Picture of Passion by Cara Thereon

Y’all know I’m a fan of everything Cara Thereon writes, but this one had me questioning my sexuality (which I’ve been doing for months, lol) and wishing I could have a front row seat to all the action. I too was “honey as fuck” by the time it was over.

Where does she go?

I’d been living with my roommate, Ginnifer, for three months and her schedule was erratic at best. Supposedly, she was a daycare worker somewhere in town. A nine to five job at best. Except, she was never home. Keep reading.

The Hunter by Beatrix B

From the opening lines, I thought I knew where this delicious bit of flash fiction was going. In a subtle but powerful twist, I was oh so wrong. It often only takes one moment or person to awaken something inside of us, and Maven’s lust-filled beast is something I’d love to know more about.

Love was the only four-letter word Maven vowed never to speak, despite having named her sex club ‘AMOUR’.  She’d been in love once—or thought she had been. Looking back, she still wasn’t sure.

She’d traveled to Europe to further her religious studies, but found herself skipping class to visit museums. That was how she met Michael. Keep reading.

A big thanks to May More for providing the sexy inspiration and to everyone who joined in this week!

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