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Masturbation Monday Week 222 Roundup

I’m starting to believe that my smutty writer friends love a good theme. Why? Because (like October — which was also themed) this week’s Masturbation Monday had a huge amount of links added. That’s a lot of erotic smut!

Narrowing down the 35 posts (not including mine, of course) to three favorites wasn’t easy, but I managed, lol. In no particular order, here are the top three posts for this week!

Morning Dick by Kim Medhurst

Is morning dick really the best dick? I know how I feel about morning dick, but if you’re on the fence about it (and you love dick), Kim’s post may be all the convincing you need.

A blast of cool morning air hit my back as you left the bed, causing me to gasp. I heard you chuckle, knowing what you did as you shuffled over to use the on-suite. Bastard. Keep reading.

Kiss My Ass by Kisungura

What happens when you can’t sit still any longer? When you’re not able to follow the orders of your Dom? Well, from an outsider’s perspective, deliciously devious things. But if you’re the one breaking the rules? You might be reminded to be careful what you wish for.

She never wanted to attend his stupid office Christmas party in the first place. The women from his company were haughty and dismissive of her and she silently imagined their envy as they drew her sideways glances in the grand rented manor drawing room. They returned to their whispering, bursting into exaggerated laughter as she rolled her eyes and tapped her toe impatiently on the polished parquet floor in time to the carols drifting jovially from the dining room. Keep reading.

-02.12.18_17:02- by dokurtybitz

Dokurtybitz always manages to convey so much meaning in a few words. He paints beautiful and concise images, and I often find myself saying, “YES!” to the point he’s trying to make. In this poem, he describes collars in much the way I see them. I’m not going to post his poem here because I really want you to go read it on his site, but I will share his explanation:

While looking at the KOTW prompt and reflecting on the relationship I have with my paramour (while a F/m relationship we do not use many of the trapping normally found in a D/s relationship such as a collar and she DOESN’T like tight leather/high heels) I was struck by the realization of how she has a collar on me similar to the one made for the Fenris wolf, one made with thoughts and ideas. Read the poem.

Thanks to everyone who joined in this week and a huge thanks to Molly Moore for providing the prompt that got all these creative juices flowing!

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