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Masturbation Monday Week 223 Roundup

Sooooo, whatever gross germs are floating around found me earlier this week. Which means that while I didn’t get to tweet out all of the Masturbation Monday posts shared this week, I still made time to read them all. And since I’m a slacker who hasn’t had time to beg/bribe my blogger friends to do this roundup for me, here we are again. You and me, and my top three…

Everyone was amazing, as always!

ChromaSky: A Moment’s Peace by Daire Faust

I love fantasy, science fiction, futuristic reads. Add in some kinky fuckery and erotica, and I’m hooked — especially when the story is well told. Daire is world-building and setting the stage in her first installment and still telling a very sexy tale, and I am here for it.

Gunin and Emrys watched Demea run her hand over the giant stone letters. They were cracked and stained from a hundred years of decay in this strange world but still held together to form a word in the ancient tongue.

“What does it say?” Gunin asked, unable to keep the awe out of this voice.

Emrys cleared his throat and translated. “Century twenty-one.” Keep reading.

Star-Shaped Cutters for Mince Pies by Quinn Rhodes

I don’t think I’ve ever had mince pies before. If I have, it was under a different name (I’ll let anyone who speaks both American and British English tell me). But I have had those anxious moments where the last thing I needed was a gentle, loving touch. I needed exactly what Quinn describes —  a rough, primal, and still loving touch instead.

Baking mince pies is my favourite Christmas tradition, and not one that can be put aside just because I feel anxious.

Usually there is something therapeutic about the baking ritual. I love making a mess with flour as I coax together a simple pastry, getting my fingers sticky when I fill the cases with mincemeat, and finishing each of them with a delicate pastry star… Today, though, I can’t find that balance of calm inside me that allows me to give over to the meditative headspace that is as close as I manage to get to that of a spanking at this time of year. Keep reading.

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer by Serena Chloe

I’m not gonna lie. Serena’s sexy picture caught my attention (and kept it) long before I pulled myself away to read her story. But damn, that turned up the heat around here even more. I’ve already got feelings about sexy women (that no, I haven’t explored or focused on much). I see both the side of the overworked, exhausted woman who just needs some sensual loving care, and also the partner who wants to give her partner everything she needs and more. Either way, by the end, I may or may not have been squirming in my chair.

I hang the last ornament as she walks through the door and hear her exhale sharply. I smile to myself before turning to catch her eye. “Like what you see?” I ask her, pretending I am referring to the tree I just decorated for us. I am dressed in a cami layered under a cardigan that slips off my shoulder as I walk towards her. My bottom half is covered only by barely there lace panties and thigh high socks. She gives me a look that tells me she is well aware of my sass…and my ass, as she slips her coat off her shoulders. Underneath she is dressed in a black dress with long lace sleeves, patterned tights, and over the knee boots. I have been thinking about unwrapping her since I saw her dress for work this morning. Keep reading.

And a big thank you to Cara Thereon for inspiring our smut this week!

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