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Masturbation Monday Week 224 Roundup

It is just before the holidays and what better way to warm the body on a damp winter day than to read some hot erotica from Masturbation Monday. Better than a cup of cocoa or maybe better enjoyed with one?

Knockers by Sue — Elliott Henry

This story is not only a very erotic and enticing read but the point of view it is written from gives a a touch of humor that made it even more enjoyable. I do like stories that gives the point and imbue personality to things or objects and this tale didn’t disappoint.

Hello knickers lovers, let me tell you about me: I am an expensive pair of black, lacy French knickers and I’ve been sitting here in a knickers drawer in the dark for almost a whole week. Being in the dark with the drawer opening just once every day is O.K – I’m used to being in the dark but I’m not used to sharing with all these other cheap knickers : I’m not really a snob, but I am beginning to hope she will wear me soon. Keep reading.

Daddy’s Friend by Asrai Devin

It may come as no surprise that I have a soft spot for babygirls. That alone endeared me to the story. Amber is such a good babygirl and she listens and does just as her Daddy tells her to. Fun, sexy, and in the giving spirit.

Sam stood in front of me. He patted the pink ruffles on my hips. “Baby girl, my friend just called. You remember Kieran?”

“Yes, Daddy. You went to the strip club after his girlfriend broke up with him.”

“Exactly. He’s lonely today, so he’s going to come watch the game. But baby girl, do you want to help make him feel better?” Keep reading.

The Christmas Bonus by Serena Chloe

Upon first reading the beginning of the story I wondered what direction the story would take. I was enthralled with the main character and I was completely rewarded. As I do love a story that revolves around a power exchange dynamic this tale is right up my alley. Add to it the holiday theme and it hit all my buttons.

“Hello, Merry Christmas.” she shook hands as she made her way through the crowded ballroom. “So nice to see you, Happy Holidays.” She kept the right amount of sparkle in her eye and dazzle in her smile as she exchanged pleasantries with her colleagues and company’s board of directors. Her eyes never stopped searching for him though. She scanned the room until she was forced to make eye contact with another ancient, decrepit body in an Armani suit. Keep reading.

There you have my top three, there were so many great stories to warm you up on the inside on a cold winters night. A big thanks to all who participated this week and to sub-Bee for providing the inspiration!

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