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Masturbation Monday Week 227 Round Up by Mischa Eliot

I adore Mischa Eliot for so many reasons. She writes searing hot erotica; she’s a positive force in the erotic writing community; and she’s a genuinely wonderful human being. Now that I’m finally back to begging other bloggers to do the round up again, I am so glad she said yes!

Thanks for having me! As usual, I was very picky…

On His Naughty List Part 3 by Nicci Haydon

Nicci never fails to touch me with her words. She’s capable of setting me on fire with a sentence or two. Hell, at this point she could probably tweet a wink-kissy face emoji at me and I’ll rub the back of my neck wondering what’s next.

This touched me:

The moan came suddenly, unexpectedly. Without any warning, she was unable to stifle it, and perhaps she didn’t want to. Read more.

Home Improvements by Cara Thereon

Cara is one of my favorite people to pop in on randomly. I never know what kind of beautiful naughty story she’ll write that gets me squirming.

This touched me:

“Perhaps a trip is in order. I could lead you into the back near the garden section and tie you up before an employee comes along. Maybe add a set of clamps and snap a picture too.” Read more.

Just One More by Scandarella

When I first started reading this, I was like… wait… you can’t walk around naked in your own home without potentially getting in trouble? Crazy! And then I was giggling my ass off and I hope you will, too.

This touched me:

Christ, Harry, this isn’t the time for wanking. I need to step away from the cock, I’ve got things to do. But I’ve never watched myself do this before. Not like this, anyway. I kinda like it. Not just how it feels, but how it looks. Read more.

Go read this amazing smut and check out all the stories shared for week 227 of Masturbation Monday! A big thanks to Adrien Kenny for providing the inspiration and to Mischa for sharing her favorites!

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