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Masturbation Monday Week 228 Round-Up by Marie Rebelle

Marie Rebelle is a personal friend and someone I look up to and admire in the sex blogging community. Her blogging meme, Wicked Wednesday, served as part of the inspiration for Masturbation Monday. I can say, truly, we would not be here today if not for her. So it’s always fun to have her here with us, whether as a prompt or, this week, reading all the smut and picking her three favorites!

It’s never easy to read so many lovely and sexy posts and having to choose only three. I do this to others every week, putting them through this, and this week Kayla did it to me. I loved all the posts, and in the end chose the three that stayed with me after I have read them. Thank you all for your lovely writing and thank you Kayla for inviting me to do the roundup.

The Interview by Sarah Helena Heart

My attention was immediately captured when I started reading it and my mind settled in for a longer read, expecting some twists and turns ahead. The twist was totally unexpected, not only in the fact that this was a flash fiction piece, but also what actually happened. When something leaves me wanting to read on, you know it’s good and this is!

Zoe stared at the man across the desk, unsure if she had suddenly gone insane. “Excuse me?” she asked.

He cast a discerning glance at her. “I do hope that I haven’t made a mistake in hiring you.” Keep reading.

I Took It by Kayla Lords

With my own sex life turned upside down, this post warmed my heart, because this is exactly what I do too, I take it when I can get it. Kayla writes that she couldn’t process the sensations fast enough, and how she grabbed the iron bars of the bed… I just love everything about this post!

Early morning, before-the-sun-rises sex is kind of our thing. Even when it’s routine, it’s good. But when he fucks me like the Dominant man I need, and I take it like the submissive woman he craves, it’s even better. Keep reading.

Come To Me … by Floss

I love everything about this piece – the pacing, the use of words, the way the words pull you in deeper, and make you want to read quicker. And then I got to the last paragraph, the last two sentences and I loved the piece even more! Beautiful writing!

Daring me to rip, tear, tease and ruin. 

Lean over me. Let us pretend for one moment that I am your prey as you kiss my lips, your hunger for more evident when you moan softly as tongue meets tongue. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Little Switch Bitch for providing the inspiration this week! Check out these three posts and the rest from this week here: Masturbation Monday Week 228.

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