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Masturbation Monday Week 229 Round-Up by F. Leonora

I love, love, love F. Leonora. I might have mentioned that a few times. Not only is she writing one of the longest-running sexy storylines I’ve ever read, she’s a great writer and a massive supporter of the sex blogging community. This week she chose the top three posts for Masturbation Monday!

Teasing Touch by Ode to Dinah

I have been using my reddit all wrong! I love this sexy exchange from Dinal, a total one-handed read! I’m glad this is her first and not last Masturbation Monday.

So….I have a reddit account for doing underground kinky stuff. I’ve only ever used it for virtual stuff but I can imagine what hot things can happen once you meet up with other trustworthy redditors. Although I’m still figuring the communities out, I’ve already had fulfilling conversations with great kinky human beings. I’ve gained a sort of longterm penpal. She’s become my solace on bad days and my Masturbation buddy. She’s smart, educated, and sooo wonderfully beautiful….a writer too which is thrilling. This Masturbation Monday prompt makes me think of a recent session we had. I was having a hard time coming, like I do occasionally. Here’s how that went: Keep reading.

Present Problem by Asrai Devin

Asrai Devin can do no wrong if you ask me, and this story is no exception. I need the next part!!! Hello, Kitten!!!

“That one.” I pointed to the bone-shaped collar tag.

“And you want it engraved with ‘kitten’?” the man behind the counter drawled. His blue eyes danced as he gave me a lazy smile. Keep reading.

Little Knickers by Molly Moore

Molly does knickers right, OMG! She hit all of my buttons like an erotic pinball machine. These three stories are hot AF!

He pushes me face down on the bed. A hand reaches up under my skirt and grabs at my knickers, drawing them down over my thighs. He leans his body into mine, one hand between my shoulder blades the other roughly pushing into the wet folds of my cunt. He laughs at my attempts to twist away. Keep reading.

A huge thanks to Violet Fawkes for supplying the inspiration this week! Check out all the posts for Masturbation Monday week 229!

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