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Masturbation Monday Week 230 Round-Up by Sorcha Rowan

I’m so happy to welcome Sorcha Rowan to the Masturbation Monday round-up challenge. I say challenge because I know exactly how difficult it is to pick three favorites when everyone brings the smutty heat. If you don’t know Sorcha yet, you need to pay attention. She writes smut that’ll set your screen on fire — the definition of a one-handed read. 

First, I want to thank Kayla for asking me to do this. I’ve contributed a few times and am always inspired by the creativity spawned by the meme. To be called upon to read and choose the three I enjoyed most, was a fun privilege. This week was no exception to the immense variety I’ve seen in past weeks and in fact I whined to Kayla about having to chop my fourth off the list. But here goes.

Inspiration by Ria Restrepo

I know that incorporating the prompt image isn’t a requirement, but I have to commend Ria, on taking it and running with it. The incorporation of delicious bodily fluids and the slow, intense build up to the conclusion made me want to stand and applaud. The variety and humor of the play between the characters made me squirm delightfully in my chair.

Still blissed out after an intense orgasm, I lay on my stomach, slowly coming back to earth. I was barely aware of his warm weight sprawled out beside me and the mixture of our come seeping from my tender sex. Keep reading.

Notes to Self by Kisungura

The thing about inspiration is, it’s a jumping off point. Kisungura took the idea of leaving our permanent or semi-permanent mark on someone a different, but no less powerful way. Honesty and transparency in relationships is vital to health, but to do this requires no small amount of courage.

When I handed him the pen and asked him to write notes upon my skin I did not know what his thoughtful but honest words would reveal. When I lay down naked in front of him and asked him to record some descriptions of how he experiences me on my body I did not know how I would feel before, during and after. It was a profound experience that I return to again, a note to self to remind myself of who I am through his eyes. Keep reading.

Of Course by Violet Fawkes

This story proves that to tell a rich, interesting, and sexy story doesn’t require you to use a lot of words. While not as directly connected to the picture as the others, there’s something about the last line and how Violet used the taboo in the story that tells me the subject of the story felt marked and owned to the bone. In the best possible way.

She’s moving between my legs, dragging hot kisses down my thighs, her eyes peeking over my mound, eyebrows waggling. “Ugh, you don’t need to do this … I can’t believe you want to …” I’m cut short as her thumbs splay my cunt open and her lips latch onto my tender clitoris. I yelp and the pleasure of her mouth floods my body and I can’t stop her, I don’t want her to stop. She nibbles daintily, flat firm tongue following. I sink back into the sofa and push her hair back so I can see her angelic face, eyes closed with determination, mouth soft and pliant, moving around my vulva with an accuracy and intensity that makes me hold my breath. “It’s going to be messy …” Keep reading.

A massive thanks (and squishy boob hugs) to sub-Bee for providing the inspiration this week! Check out all the posts from Masturbation Monday Week 230 and find your favorite smutty story!

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