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Masturbation Monday Week 232 Round-Up by Cara Thereon

I loooooooove Cara Thereon, y’all. From her filthy, kinky, erotic, and thought-provoking writing to her sexy pictures to just HER being HER. And this week, she’s choosing the top three Masturbation Monday posts! [Insert squees of delight]

I’m so happy to be back helping to pick this week’s posts that caught my eye. Everyone has different tastes and writing styles, and it’s always a big task to pick from so much good writing. I always enjoy the task of reading and picking out the stories that make me squirm.

Step In and Strap On by Focused and Filthy

The photo definitely made me take notice. What started as picture time, turned into fantasizing about using the strap-on on a lover. I found myself wondering how it would feel to be on the receiving in and THAT had me squirming.

My Christmas present from my husband this year was a strap on with interchangeable holding rings for different size dildos.

This isn’t the first time I’ve put it one (along with my lovely Godemiche dildo) The first time I tried it on I danced around the bedroom, wiggling it about, giggling and doing everything you’d probably imagine a girl who’s wearing a cock for the first time does. Keep reading.

Filling Unspecified Fuck-holes by Quinn Rhodes

Unf. That was my response reading that. Being helpless, bound, and at someone’s mercy? Being used at and how someone wants? Being made to beg? Yes, please. All that.

I’m still working on my rope bondage skills, but the gorgeous submissive lying in the centre of the huge hotel-room bed doesn’t seem to be complaining. Of course, that’s partly because she has my panties stuffed in her mouth, so I can concentrate on tying her up. I love her running off her bratty mouth and earning up spanks for when I take her over my knee later, but I need to concentrate to get this right. Though it was worth spending hours mastering these knots to bind her arms behind her like this – with a long bit at the end for leverage. Keep reading.

A Morning Reminder by Educating Eleanor

Another story that made me squirm. The way he commands and exacts his control over her is sooo sexy. Letting her fight and then drawing her submission out of her. All the unf.

“I’m going to get up. It’s getting late,” she told him. Mostly in a resigned tone, knowing the day would likely pass with no playtime. The rules were too loose for her and she craved rules above all.

“It doesn’t look like you’re going anywhere.” He eyed her and she felt his grip tighten. “Go ahead, give it your best effort, my love.” She struggled, playfully at first, but as he tightened around her like an overgrown python, she began to glisten with effort. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Victoria Blisse for inspiring the smut this week! Check out all of this week’s Masturbation Monday posts to find your favorite stories!

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