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Masturbation Monday Week 233 Round-Up by Kat Kinx

I’ve known Kat Kinx (virtually) for a while now — as a kinkster and a friend — but it’s been so nice to get to know her as a sex blogger! I love watching her grow in her writing and her confidence and can’t wait to officially meet her in London for Eroticon! I was so glad that she was willing to pick the top three Masturbation Monday posts and that she was more organized than and remembered and reminded me!  That’s the kind of support I need sometimes, lol.

I have thought several times about volunteering to pick the posts for Masturbation Monday, so when Kayla asked, I jumped at the opportunity.  I have participated almost every Monday since I decided to join in (October 2018, which is only fitting since at that time the beautiful prompt was also Cara Thereon!), but unfortunately did not get to this week.  But that’s okay, because I got to read and pick my top three (out of 29!) which was the hardest thing ever!! You all had wonderful stories, poems and life experiences you shared and I really seriously had a hard time deciding.  I finally cut it down to eight and then my top three.  So here goes…

In Bed With Layla by Floss of Floss Does Life

Love the photo Floss chose as she played with it and made is psychedelic and made me stare at it to find the image my eyes had to adjust to see, like magic.  Love it!  This story just added to the pic with a story of magic and love.

Strange things happen when you believe in magic. You can bend and break the lines between reality and imagination and those who are subject to your skills are never quite sure whether to believe their eyes or not.

When I went to bed with Layla she moved against me in ways I could never have dreamed of. My body ignited with a passion I had long since forgotten… Keep reading.

Vicki’s Dream by Lascivious Lucy

After reading this chapter of the story I am determined to go back and read the rest! Wow! Imagine having a dream so real and so hot!!  And I love the pics used throughout.

Now, in this dream, she heard him calling her, heard his steps on the marble floor. Unlike her, he wore modern clothing, a perfectly tailored dark suit, as he strode into the chamber. His dark eyes devoured her nearly naked form, and he smiled obviously pleased by her barely dressed state.  Keep reading.

Fast and Furious by Kilted Wookie

Mmmm….sometimes you just need it hot, fast and rough! That’s what you get with this story by Kilted Wookie.  With a great ending of satisfaction, at least from my standpoint. 😉

As Sarah hurriedly attempted to unbuckle Steve’s belt and unbutton and unzip his jeans, he slid a hand up under her skirt. “Good girl” he growled, discovering that, as per his earlier instruction, Sarah’s knickers have already been removed. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Cara Thereon who was our gorgeous prompt this week! Check out all the posts she helped inspired for Masturbation Monday Week 233 and find your favorites!

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