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Masturbation Monday Week 234 Round-Up by Quinn Rhodes

I was so glad when Quinn agreed to pick the top three for Masturbation Monday! If you haven’t checked out her smut, I highly recommend it! Her writing is always brilliant, but I’ve enjoyed watching her explore more kinks and desires over the past year. Through her writing, Twitter, and our DM conversations about all kinds of things, I’ve gotten to know her more and more, and I can’t WAIT to see what she does in the future. I have no doubt she’s going to kick ass and take names.  

I was amazed at myself when Kayla messaged me to check that I was ok with picking the top three Masturbation Monday posts this week, and I wasn’t at all freaked out because I’d actually remembered! Feeling semi-organized is a novelty right now – though I wasn’t organized enough to check out Focused and Filthy’s incredible prompt image before I wrote my own smut. Thirty writers joined in this week and choosing was a near-impossible task. I loved everything I read, but in the end I had to go with the three that made me most eager to get myself off – because it is Masturbation Monday, after all, and getting off is half the fun…

I Can’t Be His by Cara Thereon

I devoured this post greedily when Cara first tweeted a link to it, and I was almost scared by how much it turned me on. It’s an amazing story – dirty and delicious and dark. Cara is unbelievably good at writing stories that feel almost overwhelmingly real, and this one is clever and twisted and full of control – all of my favorite things.

I’ve been here for ten weeks. The calendar above my cage marks the days with little hearts. I spent the first week of my time here staring at that calendar, mouth taped shut so no one could hear me scream, waiting for the next time he’d come to use me. Keep reading.

Silence Me by Molly Moore

I will admit that I’ve been begging Molly for more of her consensual non-consent writing whenever she asks for suggestions on Twitter, and I absolutely loved this one. Every single sentence made my cunt clench with its hotness, and the scenarios Molly offers are ones my submissive-self would be very eager to find myself in. The accompanying picture was also incredibly striking.

Silence me…

…with your mouth on mine, your lips claiming me in a kiss that leaves me breathless and aching. Tongues dancing together, fleeting but unmistakable, your hand in my hair or under my chin, the other in the small of my back. Keep reading.

Hush by Violet Fawkes

This post really spoke to me: Violet’s mastery of words is incredibly powerful, and she creates such a vivid image with this poem. Reading it made me feel deeply connected to my own submission, and the intensity of the intimacy and connection it can bring. I also found that reading it aloud was an incredibly erotic experience…

Silenced, the stillness in your smile pins me in place
Heavy words make way for heavy eyes and the
Limits of this dance expand in the quiet space we’ve carved
My mouth is empty of words
My mind is empty of thoughts…Keep reading.

A big thanks to Focused and Filthy for inspiring so much smut this week. Check out Masturbation Monday Week 234 and find your favorite sexy, smutty, kinky stories!

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