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Masturbation Monday Week 235 Round-Up by Doctor J

Doctor J writes amazing smut, is one of the most down-to-earth-people I know, and is one of my very favorite people! I’ve had the absolutely pleasure of reading her erotica AND meeting her in person, and everything about her is wonderful. And this week, she had the tough (but worth it!) job of reading really good smut and picking her three favorite posts for the round-up! 

Hello Everyone, It’s Dr. J. I think the stars aligned for this to be my week to read and pick the Top Three for Masturbation Monday. The blog posts were all soooo good. Three stories did take me over the edge. All edges, literary, orgasmic, mind-blown. It was as if I had been parachuted into the story and oh, yes, I was there.

Wicked Games by Ria Restrepo

First, I want to thank Ria Restrepo who didn’t make Wicked Games into two posts. I would have been frustrated for a while if I had to wait. The story is so wonderfully heated with temperature, sass, and chemistry. I love it when realizations hit the character amid movement and lay the foundation for the scene.

“His scintillating blue glaze held mind and, in that moment, I knew. Jess was me. The synapses in my brain went into overdrive, making connections I hadn’t seen before. All the pieces were falling into place and the picture that was forming was beyond my wildest dreams.”

This was a scorching scene. Read it.

I Love Lucille by Scandarella

In her piece, I Love Lucille, Scandarella created a nearly intimidating threesome. Nearly turned into “just” curiosity and desire exuded by the character sneaking into the room. In a short space, this sexual journey was vivid and electric.

“He doesn’t speak to me, but comes closer, somehow managing to strut even though the room is barely long enough for him to fall into a stride. I’m not breathing again. Just standing here, breath pressing my lungs against my ribs, as he walks in circles around me. Once, twice, the third time deviating to the right to snatch her up before making a fourth circuit.”

Reading this after what she had done made me nervous about what would happen next. And I couldn’t get there fast enough. Satisfied! Read it.

The Queen’s Chambers Part 3 by Nicci Haydon

Nicci Haydon’s, The Queen’s Chambers sets up a wonderful repartee of negotiations of consent laced with desires. When the first sentence holds the word impertinence, I’m all in. Not to mention guards, slaves, courtyards. It was debauchery at its finest.

“No sooner had I reached her than she put out a hand and brushed her fingertips along my thigh, starting at my knee and pausing when she was within an inch of my pussy. I shivered with anticipation, and that was a mistake.”

And then there’s the suggestion of someone watching. WooHoo. Read it.

A big thank you to Marie Rebelle for inspiring so much smut this week. Check out all the posts from Masturbation Monday Week 235 to find your favorite one!

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