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Masturbation Monday Week 236 Round-Up

As always the bloggers who turned up for Masturbation Monday gave us all wonderful things to read — many smutty, some thoughtful, and all appreciated and loved by myself and so many others. Whether it’s pure fantasy and fiction or it’s a look into our innermost thoughts, there’s always a new way to connect.

This week, as the picker of smut, these are my three faves (after narrowing it down from a much larger number):

Can You See Me? by Missy

I love a good twist, especially when you really think you know what’s happening in a situation. From start to finish, Missy’s story is sexy and erotic. But it’s the end that makes me want to know more.

Ceit struggled along the path, careful not to trip on the fallen branches. It was deserted along here which was what she wanted. She was fed up. With them, with him, with everything. She was indignant too. How dare they do this to her? How could they mess things up like this? She trudged through the forest in a way that only someone so completely absorbed in their own feelings could, and so was startled when she noticed something up ahead. She slowed and looked around, unaware of where she was. How far had she come? Keep reading.

The Broken Altar by Cara Thereon

As always, Cara manages to tell a sexy tale that’s also dark, creepy, and absolutely divine. This is the ultimate in the be-careful-what-you-wish-for category. But it’s also erotic AF.

“What a perfect sacrifice.”

Her voice startles Patri out of his meditation. Goosebumps dance along his skin as phantom fingertips brush his naked thigh.

The chamber was empty, but he knew…

“Mistress.” Keep reading.

A Rare Moment of Solitude by Blue Submission

The kink might not be mine, but I think we can ALL relate to thinking that what we’re doing (that fulfills us in some way) has to be hidden. But I also think Blue does a wonderful job of showing that not everyone thinks our sexy, kinky moments have to be kept secret, either.

Pete flopped down onto the window seat, stretching out onto his back in the sunlight. His skin was still warm and damp from his shower, and his cock stood up like a sunflower seeking sunshine. He rubbed his hands over his smooth hairless skin, relishing the feeling of his hands gliding over the soft surface. Sandra was out shopping, providing Pete with a rare moment of solitude. Keep reading.

A big thanks to JerBear for providing the inspiration and all the bloggers for bringing the smut and thoughtfulness this week! To find your favorite, check out all the posts for Masturbation Monday Week 236.

3 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday Week 236 Round-Up

  1. OMG I am really so happy that you liked my piece. I am not a fiction writer at all and always worry that my writing is immature in comparison to others. I guess I feel like a school kid turning in something for homework. Anyway this has really given me a boost and encourages me so thank you very much ❤️

    1. You’re not alone in that feeling, and the more you write, the easier it’ll be. And after reading your story, I DEFINITELY encourage you to keep writing fiction. You’re doing great!

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