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Masturbation Monday Week 237 Round-Up by Asrai Devin

I always looooove when Asrai Devin joins in (usually the latest chapter in whatever smut she’s working on) for Masturbation Monday. Whether it’s overtly erotic or a bit of backstory, I know it’s going to be good. This week, I’m super grateful that she read through all the smut (while I gallivanted across an ocean) and chose her top three faves!

Fuck, ya’ll. The posts this week were so fucking good. I read them all and I almost cried. Then I did cry, but that was unrelated to the task at hand. I narrowed it down to 10 quickly, but getting down to 3 was excruciating. So here’s my best attempt and in the order in which I had them in my google document while I agonized.

Sounds Sexy, Right? by Doctor J

Great characterization: little bit of sexy male who knows what he wants and is willing to push his heroine because she wants him too, heroine who can’t believe the sexy hero wants her, and some teasing friends. AND it takes place at a writer’s circle!!

The hallway chatter from the other women caught my attention. It was odd because they were never this chatty on a writer’s meeting night.

“Why is everyone so buzzed?”

“Cora, don’t you read anything we send out?” Lulu glared at me. “It’s our new special event night.”  She shoved a flyer in my hand. “Here.” Keep reading.

Public Punishment by Marie Rebelle

This story highlights what I feel like BDSM is about: stretching limits and learning what you are capable of. Okay, I know BDSM is about more than just that, but it’s the element I love. And you can feel the agony and the push to go further.

Ever since Robin had mentioned she would love to watch a punishment, Dom had been thinking about it. He decided to approached Celine’s dominant. After a lengthy conversation between the men, it was agreed that Dom would be in charge of a punishment session for Celine. Apparently Celine had once said that she would love to be in a session with Dom. Keep reading.

I Need It by Kim Medhurst

Okay, yes I was involved in the inspiration for this but it’s not why I chose it. I chose it because Kim bribed me. (JUST KIDDING). I read this and I felt the need in the words in my belly. I felt warm and sinful and wanting everything described, a little pain and a LOT OF pleasure.

I slipped my knickers down my legs and kicked them away. I stood there naked before you as per your command. My hands went of their own accord to cover my body but your growl from the shadows made me stop and put them back by my sides. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Masterseye for helping to inspire this week’s smut! Check out Masturbation Monday week 237 to find your favorite story!

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