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Masturbation Monday Week 238 Round-up By Jayne Renault

I have adored Jayne Renault for as long as I’ve known her. She’s funny, smart, and knows how to turn a smutty phrase. This year, at Eroticon 2019, we finally made our friendship “official” by neither of us being too shy to go in for a few big hugs! I’m so happy to have her here this week to pick her three favorite Masturbation Monday posts!

In the aftermath of Eroticon etc, I nearly forgot that I was supposed to do this week’s roundup. Bless you, Kayla, for keeping me on track.

I think it’s fitting though that I’m here this week. The last time I did a roundup was around Halloween, as we were drifting through the end of autumn and preparing to tuck in for a long winter’s nap. Now, spring is upon us; we’re all waking up.

And I find it’s so interesting to see how much sway these seasonal energies have on the words that come out of us. It’s clear that everyone is still in the dirt, trying to dig upward to the warming sun at the surface. Between that and the photo prompt from the Barefoot Sub, there was a lot of dark and dirty happening in the posts this week (which I, for one, LOVE and can’t get enough of).

There were way more than three that really spoke to me, but these are the ones I’ve chosen to highlight for you.

Waking the Fallen by Ella Scandal

The first time I did a Masturbation Monday roundup, there was one story in particular that floored me even more than the rest. That story was “Demonised by Ella. (If you haven’t read that yet, read it first.) So you can imagine my surprise and glee when I found that this week, of all weeks, was when she chose to write a companion story to that.

Just like its first chapter, this tale is dark and deliciously wicked in all the best ways. It’s fantastically written and disturbingly hot. The hunger of our demonic narrator fucking his way through forsaken playthings as he searches for the one who stirred him from his dark slumber is sinfully good and the ending gave me all of the chills.

If you like some hellfire heat in your smut, this story is for you.

Cry for me, sinner. Spread yourself wide. Push back. You’re here for the long-haul so you might as well enjoy yourself. Come on, sin just a little bit more. Keep reading.

Source by Kisungura

Oh. My. GOD. This story, you guys!

Contagion stories horrify and intrigue me (both of which are then amplified when the story’s a little smutty, obviously). I haven’t quite been able to capture the vibe in my own writings yet (probably because the part of me that is horrified of plague is just a touch stronger than the part of me that wants to fully dive in and explore being turned on by it). So I appreciate the writers who can and do go there.

Kisungura nailed it with this one, panting a really detailed, sinister picture of a sexually-transmitted pandemic dystopia that is somehow massively disturbing and harrowingly hot in equal measure. It gave me all the kinds of shudders simultaneously…

She kicked her mud streaked legs, scrunching her tiny soiled toes like a kitten pawing for milk. Spread eagled before him he could scrutinise her symptoms from a safe distance. Her outer and inner lips were swollen and puffy with increased blood flow, her opening a weeping pink gash between the dirt of her soiled thighs. His cock stirred in response under his protective suit. Keep reading.

The better option by Cara Thereon

Cara’s narrative voice is always so strong and very clever, showing us so much in so few words. This piece is no exception. She uses an element of obscurity, expertly woven between the lines to enhance all the uncertainty the narrator is feeling when forced to navigate these challenging new experiences. Even the way Cara has chosen not to capitalize the words in the title shows us how little this character matters in the scheme of her environment.

That’s some powerful stuff.

I appreciate an author who is not only willing to go into the dark voids between the folds of humanity, but really make us come there with her.

This is a challenging, compelling little piece that evokes and provokes a lot of different feelings right to the end where we’re left on a proper, rather foreboding clithanger. I eagerly await the next installment.

“I should put that bag over your head. Reduce you to a nameless pussy. I’m sure some gent ‘ill put his dick in ya if he can’t see your face.”

Left in the dim room alone, all she could do was think. Keep reading.

Thank you to the Barefoot Sub for inspiring so much smut this week! Check out Masturbation Monday Week 238 to find your favorite stories!

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