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Masturbation Monday Week 239 Round-Up by Professor Sex

I am sooooo excited that one of my very very very good friends, Professor Sex, is here to do this week’s Masturbation Monday round-up. If you don’t know her, you should. She’s brilliant, amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, and so damn kinky, and I learn new things from her about sex all the time. And one of these days, I’ll get her to write something for Masturbation Monday, too! #Goals! But for now, I’m so happy to have her here, sharing her three favorite posts of the week.

There were so many good posts this week. I was able to narrow my absolute favorites down to seven and then it’s been agony since. Good thing I’m a masochist and I love that shit. I very delightfully allowed myself to read more than a few of them over and over again. I really want to give a shout out to those who wrote poetry! April is National Poetry Month and, as a poet myself, these were near and dear to my heart. Swoon! So, without further ado, here are my top 3 picks.

His Eyes Only by Ria Restrepo

I often cringe at anal sex scenes because they’re never even close to how that goes in real life and so they take me out of the moment. This story did the exact opposite! It sucked me in (pun intended) with its super delicious, steamy writing and an anal sex scene that was a sex educator’s wet dream. I love it.

Standing naked in front of the bathroom sink, I looked into the mirror and noticed the purplish mark on my shoulder. I traced it with my finger, a surge of exhilaration renewing my previously sated desire. Keep reading.

Self Control by Zebra Rose

This is not your typical power exchange erotica. Self Control was wildly intimate and creative. Instead of relying on the standard issue whips and chains, the story takes the character, and the reader, on a heady journey through subspace. I enjoyed reading this more than once.

No cuffs, no rope, no chain. ‘Where’s the fun in that?!’ I would have asked, if you’d told me a year ago about my current favourite kink. I’d have frowned in confusion; bondage without bonds? What? Keep reading.

Between Two Alarms by Quinn Rhodes

Queer erotica is my jam!! Like Self Control, Between Two Alarms was intimate and exquisite. Both deeply sensual and also deeply relatable. It’s a fantasy that felt indulgent – a Dominant lover who knows what their submissive needs and attends to it, not because they’re magical mind readers but because they’ve taken time to build trust and intimacy with their submissive. 

I blearily grope my way across the expanse of pillow before I realise that it’s not my alarm that’s going off. I collapse back into the warmth of the bed, my partner already having reached out and stopped the piercing bleep that had pulled us from sleep. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Mx Nillin for inspiring this weeks smut with such a great image. Check out Masturbation Monday Week 239 to find your favorite sexy story!

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