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Masturbation Monday Week 240 Round-Up by Molly Moore

Molly Moore is one of my dearest friends, a sex blogging idol, and the haver of amazingly wonderful and smutty ideas. She makes the rest of us look like we’re standing still between her sex blog, hosting multiple sex memes, and organizing Eroticon! Also, she’s beautiful inside and out and takes erotic photography that’ll make you want to touch yourself — as evidenced from all the times her images have been used as prompts. THIS week, she’s choosing the top three Masturbation Monday posts!

I do love me a good wank and I do love some reading material that might inspire me to indulge in such shenanigans and well, if you are going to find that anywhere it is going to be here on Masturbation Monday.
Picking just three posts was exceptionally tough but in the end I went for the three that made me want to reach into my pants and have a little diddle. It is Masturbation Monday after all

The Meeting by Victoria Blisse

This is the first part in the retelling of Victoria’s first play session with H. She has been waiting patiently for this occasion and having read this post I am fairly sure it was worth the wait. The urgency of their need for one another totally comes through in this piece and it made me want to have that kind of ‘ripping each others clothes off’ type sex really badly.
I have never felt such a visceral moment of explicit power exchange before. There was no doubting who was in charge. I felt small, I felt weak, I felt compliant. And I knew, I knew before they did it exactly what was coming next. I looked up into their eyes and I read there what they were thinking, something they’d said on a couple of occasions they wanted to do. Keep reading.

40 minutes in the Mirror by Purple’s Gem

The current Kink of the Week is Mirrors and I will admit that I do have a thing for them and this piece totally tapped into my love of watching myself. It is something that I have not done in a long while actually but reading this reminded me how sexy it is and that I should give it a go sometime soon
I allow myself some time for composure, a few minutes for the sensitivity to die down. I take this time to study myself further in the mirror. Thankful that I had put down the sex blanket, I realise the intensity of the orgasm had caused me to squirt. Remaining droplets evident on the backs of my legs and bum. Keep reading.

Sleepy Saturday by Blue Submission

This one detailed another favorite thing of mine; deliciously hot waking up sex. However things didn’t end there as things then developed into some very sexy impact play that resulted in Blue sporting some glorious cane marks on her beautiful bottom.
We each have a need, a common goal, to fuck and be fucked. He turns back over and wraps his arms around me, pressing his cock against my entrance and pushing in. Roughly, desperately, hungrily, we fuck until he comes inside me. I feel sated, filled and used. I lay in his arms, our breathing slowing together, and feel him slip out of me. I think that he is done with me, but he has other plans. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Little Switch Bitch for providing this week’s erotic inspiration for so many writers! Check out Masturbation Monday Week 240 to find your favorite one!

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