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Masturbation Monday Week 241 Round-Up by the Barefoot Sub

In finding the Barefoot Sub’s blog last year, I felt like I was very late to the party. Other bloggers already knew her and loved her work, and where the hell had I been?! But I got the drop on everyone when I was one of the first people to officially meet her at Eroticon where we talked about her choosing the top 3 for Masturbation Monday…and here she is! (See? Networking is a thing, and it works.) And now you get to find out which posts she loved best this week, and then you need to go devour her sex blog because it’s sooooo good.

I’ve been reading Masturbation Monday posts since before I had my own blog, and when I met Kayla at Eroticon this year I opened my mouth and offered my services to help with the weekly round-up. I was so surprised when she accepted, and over the moon when I was contacted and asked to do this week. Then I read all of the posts, and wondered how on earth I was going to choose because there were so many posts I wanted to pick. Anyway, here goes… my top 3.

Tasks on a deadline by Discovering Kink

I love porn and smut that I can relate to, and this was a situation that I have personally found very hot in the past. The rollercoaster that I went on reading her post was incredible. I was rocking in my seat as I travelled through her day, and the relief as each task was checked off. The ending though, fingers crossed that never happens to me. Although I did laugh!

That was spectacular. Keep reading

It’s not just for sitting on by My Moist Musings

Looking at the thumbnail and title I fully expected Morag to be writing along the lines of the prompt, something about sitting on a toadstool or being bent over one. How wrong I was! Instead I was reminded that it has been a long time since I have had my arse properly fucked, and just why I miss it so much.

There’s nothing I like more when I’m having my arsehole brutally pounded than to be told, in no uncertain terms, that I am a filthy little slut and that I am getting exactly what I deserve. Keep reading.

Caffeine Buzz by Jayne Renault

I struggled to get into this on the first reading, which may make it seem an odd choice for my top 3. Until you consider that I had to come back again, twice… to make sure it shouldn’t be in my top 3. And then I was listening to my friends’ coffee machine during a phone call and my entire body began to hum. Jayne Renault, what have you done to me?? I now want to go and get myself off on a coffee machine! Think I’ve discovered a new kink.

By the time it shifts gears to begin the brewing, its frequencies line up with the soft buzz stifled between my legs to a perfect blend. Keep reading.

A massive thanks to Molly Moore for providing the inspiration this week. Check out Masturbation Monday Week 241 to find your favorite smutty stories!


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