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Masturbation Monday Week 242 Round-Up by Mx Nillin

The fabulous Mx Nillin isn’t completely new to Masturbation Monday. They turned up the heat for a lot of bloggers by lending their image as a smutty prompt in week 239. This week, though, I am so excited to have them back in this space, choosing their favorite posts for the week! What I love most about Mx Nillin’s writing is that their voice comes through so clearly; I can almost imagine I’m having a conversation with them as I read which makes it even better.

Hey y’all! It’s your foul-mouthed, queer as fuck, polyam, Canadian androbabe, Mx Nillin, here! My pronouns are they/them/theirs. Kayla asked me to pick my top 3 for this week and I spent a few days getting all anxious and awkward about how to do my intro because I definitely write pretty sarcastically, aggressively, and crass… So, here I’ve been thinking, “Damn, I should be all professional and fancy and shit…” but no, that just ain’t me!

Anyway, blah blah blah, enough of my crap. You’re here for the good smut, the hot stories, and the dirty fantasies. So am I! So after a lot of reading (and ‘bating) and changing my choices 20 fucking times, I’ve finally decided on my top 3 for this week. I hope that you enjoy them! Trust me, I really did!

But, like, also be sure to read everyone else’s submissions too if you haven’t because my opinion is just mine, you know? Just because these 3 jumped out at me in particular doesn’t mean I didn’t actually like a bunch of them (I really did, this was hard (teehee), friends) and it certainly doesn’t mean that the others aren’t worth reading too. So, like, fucking read them, okay?


Now for my top 3!

Not Alone by Kisungura

Holy shit, it’s ghost sex! Seriously though, this piece was incredible. The attention to detail of how this corporeal being was still able to experience sexual pleasure with her ex husband, and his new partner, in a way that actually helps everyone move on was impressive as hell. It’s intimate, and strange, and sad, and optimistic, and sexy, and just really fucking good, okay?

It’s very quiet over here, like I am home alone. But I’m not…and neither are they.

I always thought that when I died there would be light and laughter and that I’d be surrounded by family and friends who passed before me. I don’t know what I expected exactly, no one does really, but I do know I didn’t expect this. This silence. This limbo. I didn’t expect to still be here, in my bedroom. In my bed. With them. Keep reading.

Too hot to fuck by Quinn Rhodes

Full disclosure: I’m already a big fan of Quinn’s erotica. She writes about sex and fantasies how I like sex and fantasies written about. I’m always really turned on by her stories, and this one is no exception! Most importantly though, I want to mention how incredibly fucking affirming and exciting it is to read erotica featuring a diverse range of queer, trans, nonbinary, and otherwise gender diverse folks with a wide range of pronouns. Quinn has always been amazing with well-written, thoughtful representation in those areas and that’s something I’m always going to appreciate immensely.

So often when folks who don’t know how to write about trans or enby people try to do so anyway, without really informing themselves of the terminology and experiences, it actually comes off as super alienating and upsetting to us. In even worse scenarios, it can actually feed into and extrapolate extremely harmful and dangerous notions held about our community. That’s NOT the case in Quinn’s piece at all, reading it would be an excellent starting point for an example of outstanding enby erotica. If you want to really expand your own writing in an inclusive and respectful way I also HIGHLY recommend talking to other queer and enby bloggers/writer for insights. I’m always open to talk with fellow bloggers about thoughtful inclusivity in erotica. Just toss me an email at [email protected]

It’s too hot to fuck – it’s too hot to even touch. I wear short denim shorts and they perv on my arse as I walk ahead of them. They roll up the sleeves on their t-shirt and I lust over their arms, imagining them pinning me down. We eat ice cream and watch each other pornographically lick melted drops off our fingers, but we don’t fuck – or at least not in our usual ways. It’s too hot. Keep reading.

Vibrations by Victoria Blisse

What!? ANOTHER post featuring somebody with they/them pronouns, AND they also have a penis? Just like me?! Yeah. Obviously I fucking loved it. Victoria’s piece is sweet, sensual, emotional, and genuine from start to finish. It just gave me me warm happy feels all over with it’s authentic, candid tone. And once again: the power of reading content and seeing yourself reflected back at you is oh so overwhelming. I’m thrilled to have found two pieces like that in one prompt!

Whenever I see H I feel vibrations of lust radiating throughout my body. I feel the vibrations in the air around us. A Tension. A need. A want.

I was attempting to be on my best behaviour as H’s housemate was in (and answered the door to me) but as soon as I was in their arms that became so much harder. As we sat together, their body against mine, their arm around me, it got harder still. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Marie Rebelle for inspiring the smut this week. To find your three favorite post, check out Masturbation Monday Week 242!

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    1. It was well deserved! Your story really lingered with me. I’ve read it a couple more times this week and recommended it to friends too. Such a haunting, unique, and passionate piece! Loved it!

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