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Masturbation Monday Week 243 Round-Up by Blue Submission

Blue, of Blue Submission, is relatively new to sex blogging but she came in with a smutty bang. From sexy posts for Masturbation Monday to smutty images for February Photofest or Sinful Sunday, I love everything of hers that I read or see. Her kinky posts always speak to me because they come from her reality and experience. I was so happy she agreed to choose the top three this week!!

I am so grateful to Kayla for inviting me to do the round up this week! I love reading erotica and have enjoyed it almost as long as I’ve been masturbating. I’m always horniest in the mornings. I think my brain hasn’t awakened enough yet to start going over my To Do lists, so I am more in tuned to sexy thoughts. I read these posts early one morning, staying in bed until I finished them all. It’s a good thing we had a play day scheduled for later or else I could have been in trouble! I know everyone says this, but it was really hard to choose only three.

Acceptance by Pandora’s Box

This story got me. The simple act of denial, of edging always drives me wild. I’ve been there, where kitten is, and it is so hard to stop yourself, and when someone else does it for you, the instantaneous shock is overwhelming, and the power they have over you is the only comfort you have in that moment. You know when it finally does come, you’re going to enjoy it all the more. I could read this story over and over and still get turned on.

We kept our ‘Sir’ and ‘Kitten’ names for ‘Play Times’ as you called them. We weren’t embarrassed by what we did, it made us stronger as a couple I thought. However, the world can be, how shall I put it… judgey and full of assholes, plus, it was no one else’s business.
So when one morning, as I was washing my coffee cup in the sink and you slid your arms around me from behind, I was surprised to hear…
‘I want you to edge yourself at work today Kitten.’ Keep reading.

The Power of Touch by Submissy

I want this so badly, and I don’t want this. The conflicting emotions missy presents here, the arousal from embarrassment, their voices inside her head, their imagined touches as she masturbates is such a heady combination. Then, the last little jab of humiliation HL delivers at the end really got me! Humiliation is definitely one of my kinks, but I’ve never thought about it in this way before.

I am not planning to touch myself but my fingers slip underneath the edge of my knickers and I am gently playing with the small rectangle of hair that he has me keep there, stroking back and forth subconsciously with the back of my fingernail nail. It makes me think of him. It is the weekend and the thought of having an orgasm flits across my mind. I toy with the idea for a minute as I lie there, and then I send him a message asking if I have permission to use the wand. Keep reading.

Glorious Garden Fuck by Quinn Rhodes

The picture Quinn paints here reminds me of a modern day interpretation of Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe, just a few sexy friends enjoying the warm Spring sunshine and a little wine. The addition of some spanking, light degradation, and a little throat fucking is what really did it for me. I want to be friends with these people so I can join in on this wonderful afternoon of spanking and fucking in a pretty garden.

The sunshine makes you want to flirt. Well, the sunshine, and the fact that you’re surrounded by girls in sundresses and boys with rolled up sleeves. The garden you are sitting in is beautiful, with green grass and blossoming trees and beautiful flowers. It’s so bright and sunny that it almost feels like a dream – or more accurately a fantasy. Keep reading.

A big thanks to sub-Bee for providing the sexy inspiration this week. To find your favorite stories, go to Masturbation Monday Week 243!

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