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Masturbation Monday Week 244 Round-Up

For the month of May, I’ve taken over picking the top three Masturbation Monday posts each week. This is a month where I want my smutty writer friends to focus on their words more than anything else. Especially since I have a giveaway going for the writers who participate this month. Click here for those details.

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Masturbation Monday wouldn’t be half as fun without the image prompts meant to inspire readers and writers alike. This week, Floss Liddell and her panties certainly gave people all kinds of sexy feelings. A big thank you to her as well.

Okay, now, onto to my three favorite posts (out of 38, OMG!). There’s no rhyme or reason to why I chose these three other than that they entertained me completely.

A Game of Chance by Zebra Rose

I’m not exactly a gambler, and games of chance never really interest me. (If I go to a casino, it’s easier to tip a server an extra few dollars rather than lose it in a slot machine.) But games tied to kinky fuckery will always get my attention, and this is definitely one that has me reconsidering my stance on gambling.

“Black 23” calls Markus the croupier, and up on the stage, a tiny, muffled ‘mmff’ escapes from Tamika’s swollen lips. When she painted her face for tonight, they’d been glossy, shimmering purple, but now, after an hour on stage, there is only a trace of her lipstick left at the corners of her mouth. The rest is mostly smeared around the thick ribs of the dildo lodged in her mouth. Keep reading.

A Most Confounding Female by Mrs. Fever

Mrs. Fever’s writing is ALWAYS good. AL-WAYS. When she chooses to write fiction, the voice of her character comes right through, and I feel like I’m living in the moment with them. In this piece, I found myself grinning at this particular confounding female. She’s definitely someone I’d be friends with.

Cassie Jo Beaumont Montaigne had long confounded people.

She’d confounded her kindergarten teacher when she’d used her fingerpaints to draw designs on little Bobby Lee Montgomery’s face the day he’d told her he wanted to marry her when he grew up. She’d confounded her freshman biology teacher when, at age 14, she’d given a presentation on animal husbandry that included instructions for “how to bite like a stallion while mounting your filly.” (Mr Horace had to revise his oral presentation instructions on the syllabus the following year; while Cassie Jo hadn’t done anything wrong, per se, she also hadn’t quite done the assignment right. And while he had to admit it’d been entertaining, he also admitted he was too close to retirement to risk the heart strain or the potential loss of his pension that another such ‘demonstration’ from future students might bring.) Keep reading.

To Do: Be Used as Her Fucktoy by Quinn Rhodes

I love a good to-do list, but I’d never considered adding myself to John Brownstone’s…until now. I also relate too well to not feeling productive, being stuck in my own mental gunk, and needing a little help remembering exactly who (and what) I am. Getting used as a fucktoy seems like the height of productivity to me.

Rain is lashing against the window, and I’ve given into the urge to curl up under the duvet, hugging a pillow and hiding from the world. My to-do list sits atop a pile of clean but unfolded laundry, mocking me with the neat list of tasks I’d written the previous evening, assuming I would wake up with energy to start working on it. Of course I hadn’t.

I don’t even stir when my girlfriend let herself into my flat, though I did spend a few moments being smug at us having exchanged keys a few weeks ago so I didn’t have to get up to let her in. Keep reading.

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