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Masturbation Monday Week 245 Round-Up

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We’re halfway through May which means we’re halfway through Masturbation Month, and if you’re struggling with getting yourself turned on, you’re clearly not hanging out with us around here. This week’s lusty smut was inspired by Purple’s Gem and their sexy photo — a big thank you to them for that! Many of this week’s bloggers used the image in some way to tell their story, and while jizz on my skin is a complete hard limit, I will still turned on. Now THAT is talent.

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Like everyone else who ever does the round-up, I struggled to pick just three posts. I narrowed it down from the initial 30 posts to 10 posts I loved to the top three.

Last Moments by Annabel Lee

From the first moment to the last, I was breathless reading Last Moments. Annabel did an amazing job matching the pace and ferocity of their mutual need with the danger they were in. By the end, my heart was pounding — for multiple reasons.

Her chest heaves from exertion and panic.  The heavy door slamming behind them makes her jump even though she was expecting it.  Above them the air raid sirens wail constantly, feeding her panic. The drone of engines is a new steady hum beyond the siren.  There is no way to tell whose planes they are. Is it their forces flying out to meet the attack or the enemy bearing down on them?  The deep boom of a far off explosion answers her thoughts before they are barely formed. This is it. The war is upon them. Keep reading.

I Want to Hear You Say It by Molly Moore

Maybe it’s because most of what I write is about my real life, but I always enjoy a sexy story a little more when I recognize my own experiences in it. Having heard “I want to hear you say it” many times, I recognized the war within over actually asking for what she really wants.

“Decorate me?”

His eyes meet mine in the bathroom mirror “What?” he finally says

“Decorate me.” I say but this time it is a statement not a question. Keep reading.

You Can’t Have This by Zebra Rose

Can you both love a story and hate it? I think so. As always, Zebra Rose wrote magnificently, and although her story is presented as fiction, it feels like it comes straight out of my life with John Brownstone. I, too, have misbehaved as a submissive and been punished by being forced to watch what I can’t have. While reading, I was simultaneously turned on, leaning in to get closer to the screen and “forced” to remember my own moment of denial (which really is an effective deterrent against future bad behavior).

He caught me face-down across the rumpled duvet, one hand buried in my knickers, the other clasped around my throat. Unimpressed that I had broken our “ask before you touch” rules, a suitable punishment was required. 

Which is why I am tied, spread-eagled to the bedposts, my damp knickers pulled aside to reveal the evidence of my transgression, mouth stuffed full of his boxers. Keep reading.

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