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Masturbation Monday Week 246 Round-Up

We’re more than halfway through Masturbation Month, and I’ve been delighted with all the smut that’s been shared. The writers have been creative, edgy, real, and, of course, erotic. Many people have written things that are on my list of hard limits and yet they’ve managed to turn me on in ways I didn’t expect. I love that!

Thanks to Marie Rebelle for inspiring this week’s smut, and for Godemiche for sponsoring the current giveaway. Check out Masturbation Monday Week 246 to find your favorite posts and to enter the giveaway!

Now, here’s what smut I loved this week!

Jekyll and Hyde by Brigit Delaney

I love this story for so many reasons, not least of which is that I can recognize myself in the wondering if my time as someone who knows how to have fun is over. Also, I wouldn’t mind a devilish bartender helping me out in similar ways, either.

Eva linked her arm around Sam’s and pressed herself closer to him as they walked into the club. It was late, close to last call, but as it was drizzly out and neither of them really wanted to call it a night yet (the kids were at the grandparents’ and they didn’t get out much these days), they agreed to pop into to one last bar before calling a cab. Keep reading.

Do You Dare? by Asrai Devin

I love this series about Josh and Grace that Asrai writes, but this week’s post on finding their limits hit multiple buttons for me. Their mutual desire shines through so clearly, but also her hesitation and excitement…something I remember clearly from my first days in kink, too. But this line may be my favorite: “Whatever you are offering, yes.”

“So I’m going to ask you a series of questions. If it’s a definite no, you can say hard limit, if it’s something you might like to try it’s a soft limit, and if you are into something, say yes.”

Okay, that wouldn’t be so bad. Josh could ask questions and I’d answer them. Easy enough. Keep reading.

A New Fetish by Eve Adler

So, warning for those who really get squicked out, Eve’s piece is on golden showers and urine fetishes. And upon thinking about the topic, I would usually give a full body shudder of revulsion. (It’s a really hard limit.) What made this a stand out piece for me is that while I’m actively turned off by urine, the way Eve told this story completely turned me on. I could feel the desire and sensations almost pulsing through the screen from submissive to reader. Now THAT is excellent writing.

I didn’t know what was about to happen. All I knew was what that Mistress had given Me explicit instructions and I would follow them to the letter. Over four years of servitude I had come to trust Mistress, and found enjoyment in any and all activities she gave me. Though we were miles apart, and met infrequently to play, the connection was strong, and I happily obeyed her every whim. Keep reading.

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