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Masturbation Monday Week 247 Round-Up

As always, I’m completely blown away by what the sex blogging and erotic writing community shared for Masturbation Monday. A big thanks to the Barefoot Sub for providing such good inspiration (several pieces definitely let their imagination run with her image). My three picks this week all sparked my sexy imagination. There were stories I could clearly picture in my head…or imagine myself within.

To pick your three favorite, go check out Masturbation Monday Week 247 for yourself. If you get in by May 31, 2019, you can win a Masturbation Month prize from Godemiche!

Stray Thoughts by Cara Thereon

I used to spend a LOT of time thinking about sex and (for whatever reasons) thought I was the only one. Until, of course, I found the sex blogging community. Even now, I’m still delighted and surprised when I find someone else has a mind that wanders to sex. Because of that, I found Cara’s piece this week absolutely delightful because she gave us so many peeks into stray (and sexy) thoughts.

It never abates. Their stories whirl through my head like cards in a rolodex. Snippets of their thoughts, images of their exploits, enter my mind. Usually I only hear the first bit and then ignore the rest. Sometimes I wasn’t so lucky. Keep reading.

I Spy by Jupiter Grant

What would you do if you discovered you were being watched while you masturbate? Stop and close the shades? Or keep going and put on a show? I’d like to think I’d do the latter…not unlike this sexy moment in Jupiter’s piece.

Looking back on that afternoon, there are a couple of things that I hold responsible for what happened. Keep reading.

A Gift to the Gods by Scandarella

I’m fairly positive Scandarella could write her grocery list, and I’d love it. But, as always, she takes what you expect and turns it on its head in the most glorious and erotic way possible. What “should” have been a gift to the gods becomes a proper gift to someone else — and I was both turned on and cheering to discover who it was.

On the face of it, today was a day that began much like any other. Jessa rose with the sun, smiled down upon the small, round faces of her still sleeping siblings as she slipped on her often-mended dress. She breakfasted with her father, then joined her mother at the door of their clay and stone hut. As always, they waited there for the rest of the village women to join them on their walk to the river to bathe. Keep reading.

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