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Masturbation Monday Week 248 Round-Up by Nikki

Nikki of Love is a Fetish burst on the sex blogging scene in the smuttiest, kinkiest way possible in October 2018. I don’t remember the first image of hers I saw, but I was in awe of her talent and creativity. And now I can’t imagine the community without her. I’m so glad she’s here this week to do the round-up for Masturbation Monday!

Holy smokes this week had some decadently delicious stories (and pictures!) Narrowing it down to only three was a difficult — yet oh so fun — task. The pieces I chose gave me warm, gooey, blood-pumping feelings in my both my heart, and… other parts.

Glorious Humiliation by Victoria Blisse

Victoria hooked me at word snuggles, and kept me riveted throughout this wonderfully relatable tale. She captures the beauty and grace in humiliation that I think often times people don’t understand. Several times through this delightfully dirty story, I found myself nodding along as she mentions the pride, confidence and deep arousal she experiences with the humiliation, degradation play. I found my heart warmed and my panties damp by the end. Glorious indeed.

H loves me. They care for me in many different ways from feeding me delicious gluten free food to sending me word snuggles whenever I’m in need (just reading the word makes me feel safe and comforted) and of course, there’s all the love bites! Keep reading.

A Sickie for a Quickie by Annabel Lee

The first line in Annabel’s piece made me speak out loud “fuck yes!” as it has been a struggle in our home these days to get any alone time. I felt that frustration and deep disappointment when you know if you could just have fifteen freaking minutes, so I was genuinely excited for these two as their morning remarkably improved by “Chucking A Sickie” (which is a delightfully fun term, btw). After a delicious account of their day of play, she hit the nail on the head, mentioning the importance of creating the opportunity to indulge in one another.

Have you ever woken up in the morning wanting the person sleeping next to you so badly it makes your teeth hurt?  Then you have your day notch up another degree as they roll over and look at you with the same level of need and desire in their eyes. To lean in, kiss, and have the moment skip straight over simmering and boiling and head straight into scorching. Only to have your alarm go off, slapping you in the face with the reminder it is Wednesday and not the weekend like you really need it to be.  You try to ignore the time for just a bit longer as you have fingers buried deep inside you and an insistent mouth sucking on your neck. Then the voices start floating down the hallway. Keep reading.

Stuck on You by Ria Restrepo

Oh my goodness, Ria’s story had me smiling instantly and had me panting and soaked by the end. The moment she got stuck in that doggy door, I was hoping she’d get caught, and Ria did not disappoint there. In fact, the payoff exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I have to say though, as smoking hot as this entire story is, my absolute favorite line was “Your hips are perfect. The opening is too narrow.” What a panty-dropping line, to go along with the panty-drenching voice.

It all started with a very naughty plan to get the attention the smokin’ hot guy next door—which then took an unexpected turn. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Victoria Blisse for inspiring this week’s smut! To find your favorite posts to read, check out Masturbation Monday Week 248!

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