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Masturbation Monday Week 249 Round-Up by Floss Liddell

I have liked Floss Liddell as a human, a podcaster, and a sexy, smutty blogger for a long time. But it was our conversation and time spent together at Eroticon that stands out in my mind as a defining moment. I identify so much with her desire to create sexy content and to continuously improve at what she does. Also, she’s kinky as hell, and I love that about her, too. I was so glad when she agreed to do the top three round-up for Masturbation Monday this week!

I always try to visit Masturbation Monday even when time prevents me from delving into all the glorious submissions. I love being invited to do the round-up though because it means I can tell time to sod off and leave me to indulge in all your sexy and thoughtful posts.

I’m a simple beast when it comes to choosing my top 3, did it get me right in the feels, causing all kinds of body parts to squirm and twitch with joy. In the case of this week’s top 3 that definitely happened. Sexy feels and heart feels were well and truly in place.

The Hair Cut by Eve’s Temptation

When I clicked on this story I had no idea it was about to sweep me up and press so many of my sexy buttons. I loved the subject matter and I loved the explorations of gender. The masturbation and mutual masturbation was handled beautifully. I think this is a glorious tale and it has gone onto my list of all time favorites. It tapped into my kinks, my queerness and my love of well-written, sexy erotica. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

Heels, jeans and a tight fitting t shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt my hair , pulled it down, twisted it into plaits. Most of it would soon be gone. Read more.

If We Were Monogamous, My Boyfriend Would Not Make The Cut by E.L Byrne

Non-Monogamy is often a mystery to those who don’t practice it. In all honesty, sometimes it’s a mystery to those of us who do practice it. So when someone comes along and shares their thoughts in such a way that you are filled with glee over how well they explained your feelings too, that is a wonderful post indeed and must be shared. Whether you are non-monogamous or not this is a great post full of warmth, love and positivity and who doesn’t need more of that in their life.

As many of you know, I am in a relationship with two men who live in Germany. (I just realized it’s almost time to do another quarterly post about the polycule! Stay tuned!) Keep reading.

Unbearable Need by Deviant Succubus

Stories that push my subby buttons are rare because my FemDom ego is overbearing and omnipotent! Which means that when I read this from Deviant Succubus and my subby side started poking at me declaring it wanted in on that action I knew it was a delicious tale that needed to be in my top 3. From beginning to end I was thoroughly wrapped up in the action and many of the phrases used were the kind to make my panties wet! Yes, definitely a winner.

It had been weeks since his hands had last touched my naked skin. This was partly my fault. Okay, it was all my fault. I could have just followed his instructions and we both would have enjoyed each other’s company in the wild and primal way I have been imagining for what seemed like forever now. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Focused and Filthy for providing such lovely and kinky inspiration for everyone this week! Check out Masturbation Monday week 249 to find your favorite posts of the week!

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