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Masturbation Monday Week 250 Round-Up by Victoria Blisse

If you’ve been around Masturbation Monday for more than a few minutes, you’re very familiar with Victoria Blisse (and if you’re not, what are you waiting for?!). She’s frequently our smutty inspiration, and she shares the kinky details of her life most weeks. And THIS week, she’s choosing her three favorite posts for the Masturbation Monday round-up!

I love reading smut almost as much as I love writing it. Judging smut however, is a much harder and more time consuming thing. But as Kayla is wonderful and I adore Masturbation Monday, here I am again trying to pick 3 pieces of scorching hot erotic works out of a sea of awesome, sexy stories. It’s a difficult job, people, but someone’s gotta do it. And today it’s me.

Run for Cover by Molly Moore

is short on words but overflowing with sexy. She makes me feel so much with just 100 words. It’s astounding. I know how challenging writing a story in so few words can be. Molly has excelled at it. I got completely lost in the lust and the energy of her piece. Wow. Stunning.

Stories of us rage in my head like a storm.

A flash of creamy white thighs, low growls and guttural moans, echo in my thoughts like thunder. Keep reading.

Sadistic Procedures by Kristan X

Holy moly, did this piece of writing scorch itself across my brain and seep hot and wet into other parts of my body. It pressed buttons. Some of it made me a tad uncomfortable but in the way I like. In the way that makes my brain whirr with fantasies and desires. Beautifully written and captured humiliation and objectification. Wonderful. Two masochist thumbs way, way up for this one.

Make her hold the fleshlight between her legs. Have her be naked, prostrate on the bed. Have her hands bound to keep her from interfering. And nestle it there, against her cunt. The dimpled plastic exterior in direct contact with her most intimate parts. Tell her to hold it in place with her thighs. Keep reading.

She Dominates Me in Leather Boots by Quinn Rhodes

I think sometimes you learn more about the person picking the top three than you do about the people writing them…this story was just filled with unfph. Anticipation, denial, exhibitionism, submission… oh, what a delightful buffet of erotic words to enjoy. Beautifully written and leaving something to the imagination at the end, I always appreciate that!

My girlfriend describes herself as tiny and chubby but when she wears those boots I’m the one who feels small. They’re knee-high, black leather boots, lovingly polished by me. I am always her submissive, but the dominant energy she exudes while wearing those boots means that no one else doubts that either. Keep reading.

A big thank you to MxNillin for inspiring this week’s smut! To find your favorite three (or more!) blog posts, head to Masturbation Monday Week 250!

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  1. Ohh thank you Victoria for picking my piece. It literally came to me while I was out walking and I actually wrote the first few sentences on my phone as I paced along


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