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Masturbation Monday Week 251 Round-Up by Zebra Rose

Every time I read Zebra Rose’s writing, she amazes me in the best way AND turns me on. It’s an absolute treat! She’s so good that I had no idea she was a relative beginner at writing smut when she joined Masturbation Monday the first time. (For real!) And now, she’s here to choose her three favorite Masturbation Monday posts for the week! 

Wheee! So this is exciting – Masturbation Monday was the first ever smut-writing meme I discovered, and the inspiration for me to start writing my own erotica. I’m hugely chuffed to have been asked to do the roundup for this week. It’s tougher than it looks, believe me. Pick only three from this sumptuous array of contributions? Tough call. I enjoyed reading all of them, but after long (mostly one-handed) deliberation, I finally made up my mind….

How I Feel About Her by Floss Liddell

I’m a huge fan of Floss’s writing, whether she’s tackling fiction or reflections on her own life experiences. The heat and emotion in this beautifully-written little tale burned so fiercely, that I couldn’t help wondering if it were inspired by a real-life relationship from the past. I do enjoy a tale that tugs at my heart as well as….other places.

Did you ever want to do something you know you shouldn’t?

Have you ever felt the intensity of your desire to do the bad thing increased by the very real reasons you should just back the fuck away?

That’s how I feel about her. Keep reading.

I Want to Feel You by Blue Submission

Wow! It’s spooky how much bluesubmission’s piece could almost be a transcription of my own inner monologue, although my thoughts aren’t phrased nearly as elegantly or with such poignant imagery. I just had to re-read this about eight times for the sheer joy of it. Each time, it made me melt.

Cover me in darkness, I want to feel you. Stroke your palms across my skin, raising goosebumps as I sink into your touch. Pet me until I purr for you. Pinch me, grabbing the thick skin of my ass between your fingers so that I jump and twitch between your hands. Pull my nipples. Twist them until I cry out for mercy, my toes squinching against the cool air clawing for relief. Scratch your fingernails down my back, leaving eight stripes of fire from shoulder to rump that pull at my spine, arching me from the bed like an exorcism. Bite me with your teeth, leaving marks I will later trace over, pushing in hard to feel that soreness, a reminder. Keep reading.

The Secret Chest by Deviant Succubus

This is the sort of erotica that makes my own hand creep pretty quickly into my knickers while I’m reading. I love the premise of choosing toys from a box, and the lucid description of the sub’s torture is an absolute pleasure to read – in every sense. Also; ‘kangaroo’ as a safeword? Brilliant.

He pulled out a huge box from under the bed and placed it in front of her. They were sitting on the floor together, naked, legs crossed, in front of each other. This felt like Christmas, a box of toys, for her to pick from! A kinky Christmas. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Molly Moore for providing our kinky inspiration for the week! To choose your three (or more!) favorite posts, head to Masturbation Monday Week 251!

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