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Masturbation Monday Week 252 Round-Up by Toy for Sir

I am so happy to welcome Toy for Sir to the Masturbation Monday round-up this week! We officially met at Eroticon 2019 and had great conversations and really enjoyed each other’s company. She’s fun to talk to and hang out with, and her blog is insightful and interesting, even when she’s not sharing something sexy (which is always fun to read, too!). 

I am unbelievably thrilled and excited to have been asked to do the round up for Masturbation Monday this week.  As many have said, this is way harder than it looks.  I loved all the submissions, so deciding on just three was a true challenge. 

Deep Impact by Jupiter Grant

I have to admit this had me going!  Being a big fan of impact play I loved the teasing and the use of multiple items in the “arsenal.”  I wanted to be her! 

“Oh my darling, how I’ve dreamt of this moment,” he murmured in her ear as he tied the strip of cloth over her mouth, and pressed her hands firmly on the bedframe. With a soft kiss on the top of her head, he ran his fingers up the inside of her legs, pulled her little silk skirt up around her waist, and slid one of the pillows under her hips. Her bottom was instantly raised and pert, the round cheeks just begging for his ministrations and sweet chastisements. Read more.

Wait by Kristan X

There is something so enticing about being made to wait for what you truly long for.  Seven days, just a week?  Not when you are waiting for this! 

A week. It doesn’t seem like too long, and he’s quite clear about the rules of the game. She must wait until the next time they play before she allows herself any kind of release. She may touch herself whenever she wishes, but she will not come until a week has passed, until he lays hands on her again. A week. Seven days pass in no time at all the rest of the year, so perhaps this won’t be any different. That’s what she thinks. That is what she tells herself. Read more.

Starbucks Voyeur by Mr. Dominant

Okay, so it is coffee after all, but the combination of a public place and teasing was enough to get me going.  Starbucks will forever take on a new feel for me going forward. 

Every Monday she headed to the Starbucks on the corner of the street where she worked. It had begun as a way to break up Monday but now every week he was sat in her corner. She always sat at a table with 2 sofa chairs one each side of the table. She had first noticed him watching her as she enjoyed her latte and muffin over the weeks he moved closer and closer to her table. Then she had turned up and he was sat at her table he had even bought her a muffin and coffee. She reluctantly accepted it with just a murmured thanks they hadn’t spoken again since. She often caught him looking her over and as the weeks passed she had gotten braver flashing a bit more leg or flicking her skirt up as she stood giving him the quickest of flashes before grinning and walking off. Read more.

A big thanks to PurplesGem for inspiring this week’s writing! To pick your favorite stories, head to Masturbation Monday Week 252!

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