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Masturbation Monday Week 253 Round-Up by E.L. Byrne

I’ve enjoyed E.L. Byrne’s writing since she began posting to Masturbation Monday months ago. I love the stories she shares about her adventures around the world and her poly life. But it was meeting her at Eroticon 2019 that sealed it for me. We laughed over tapas and we got serious over drinks in hotel lobbies. The fun, vibrant, exuberant human in her writing is what you get in real life, and she has amazing energy! I’m so pleased that she agreed to do the round-up this week and pick her three favorite posts!

I love Masturbation Monday and the community (all you crazy sexy folks!) I found through submitting my first stories here. I was super excited to read all the work this week and even though it was extremely difficult to pick just three (we all say that, right?!) it was worth it to catch up on everyone’s writings! Thanks for letting me peek into all of your sexy writing lives on a regular basis!

Love in the Dunes by May More

I am always impressed by people who can write these great stories, with full plots, in such few words. May tells a whole lifetime of a relationship here and it really works. It’s sweet, just sexy enough and you can feel the connection between the characters, even in so few words!

I met Pam on the beach when I was twelve. My family had just moved into the area and I was thrilled to be living so near the sea. I couldn’t wait to hear the roar of the ocean and feel the sand run through my fingers. Keep reading.

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore by Master’s Musings

I loved the fantasy aspect of this story, the premise is creative and works with the prompt photo perfectly. Throughout the whole story you are asked to use your imagination, nothing is overly explicit but there is enough suggestion to never forget this is an erotic tale.

Imagine, an actual store with a sign “SPECIAL SEASHELLS” right by the ocean. With tons of seashells of all shapes and sizes right there on the ground for free. Well, a “store” would be too fancy a name for it. A shack with no windows, boards hanging loose, only traces of the original paint, barely a door, and a lady sitting on the ground by the door, reading. The absurdity of it is what drew me in. Keep reading.

Micro Fiction: Shelly by Beatrix B.

If I am impressed with flash fiction, this micro-fiction blew my mind. In just 100 words we get a full sense of this fraught relationship. Pretty cool!

She sold her seashell by the seashore, a decision resulting from her husband’s boat never returning to dock. Keep reading.

To find your three (or more!) favorite posts, check out Masturbation Monday Week 253. And a big thank you to The Other Me for inspiring so much beach-themed smut!

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