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Masturbation Monday Week 254 Round-Up by May More

It’s always wonderful when May More participates in Masturbation Monday in some way. From linking up a thoughtful, romantic, or filthy (in the best way) story to sharing her image as a prompt, I’m always happy to see her. And this week, she’s here in another capacity — the most difficult of all — to pick her three favorite posts of the week!

I was very happy when Kayla asked me to do the round up this week. I think I have done it once before and have enjoyed my photo being used as the Masturbation Monday prompt image a few times. It was a difficult choice this week and I actually started with a Top 6 – but after sleeping on it I have my final three.

Post Workout Meditation by AskMeFast

Something about this entry drew me in and and I actually read it twice. What I particularly liked was how MrSailor describes what is going on in his reality and then slips into almost an ode to her – whoever she is. Switching between the two as the story plays out. It’s visual and very sensual.

I close my eyes leaning my body against the wall taking the weight on my forehead with the force of the shower on my back.

For a brief moment there is nothing and then I sense you with me, your presence, your smell and the touch of your skin. I feel my desire for you coursing though my entire body. Read More…

Unfelt by Master’s Musings

I was lucky enough to be chosen in last weeks roundup alongside this blogger. So I didn’t necessarily want to pick them for my top three. But the post put itself in my roundup.

I love it when people push the boundaries and break the rules with their writing. Those who are original and do not follow convention. Master’s Musings does precisely all those things with this piece. The sentences are too short. There is some repetition and no paragraphs. Deliberately. But it works so well.

The story is a compulsive and intriguing read. And you are left to your own imagination as to what it is all about.

And I feel more alive. I feel the tingly feeling spreading through me as they get angrier. They think they feed on me, pushing more and more of themselves inside me. They push, and I feel. As the tingles spread, my essence starts pulsating. And they think it is my heart. They think it is my soul. But it is not. Read More…

Great Minds by Molly Moore

I wanted to pick one of the entries that used the amazing prompt photo from Molly and her story was so hot and a perfect flash to telling the tale of the image.

The scene involves a woman standing in the shadow of a doorway and watching her guy masturbating. This appeals to me no end. I adore watching my man handle his cock. There is a little twist at the end which I will leave you to discover.

I am silent, stood like a statue, not wanting to disturb you. Your thick cock swells within your grasp. As you grip pauses round the shaft the lube glistening in the sunlight on the head of your dick. Your head is thrown back, your eyes are closed. I hold my breath not wanting to reveal my presence to you and risk missing this show. Read More…

I’d also like to give a thumbs up to one other posts that nearly made it in to the round up. The Good Pet by Liza Bangston got my juices flowing!

A big thank you to Molly Moore for inspiring this week’s smut! To find your favorite post of the week, check out Masturbation Monday Week 254!

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