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Masturbation Monday Week 257 Round-Up

It’s been a while since I did a round-up, but that makes it even more fun. As always, everyone shared amazing work, and it was difficult to choose my three favorite posts. But I managed.

The only common theme among this week’s choices are that the stories were genuinely interesting and unique. That they were sexy probably goes without saying.

Angry Voice by His Lordship

Break ups are difficult but even more so when one partner has a devious streak. Which is how a man ends up throwing a sex toy party and getting up to all kinds of fun with delay cream. Basically, this was a wild adventure from start to finish.

If he had been at home he would have heard the front door slam with the effect of a gunshot, and through the broken glass panel the sound of an angry voice. Keep reading.

He Came Before Dinner by Francesca Demont

I don’t know what I love about this story more — the irreverent way it’s told or the irreverent way the events unfold. There’s latex, public masturbation, and throwing caution to the wind in multiple ways. Overall, it was delightful!

The doorbell rings. Half past six, that’s much to early to be him. It’s our first date and he shouldn’t be here for another half hour. I check on my phone, but don’t see anyone through the camera by the door. I do see something that looks like a hand-delivered package. I’m curious. Keep reading.

Carside Pickup by Beatrix B

I always enjoy when a woman is confident in her own sexual urges and desires — and throws a male partner off balance with it. In this case, I also enjoyed how this scene unfolded. Not with the airbrushed perfection of pure fantasy but with the fumblings and awkwardness of something much more real. Also, a guy masturbating for someone else’s pleasure is sexy AF.

“So…are you going to show me how you jerk off or what?”

I felt kind of stalkerish leaning against Danny’s car, waiting for his shift to end at the 24-diner where he worked as a short-order cook. The highlight of my weekend was sitting across from him at the counter, flirting mercilessly. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Mx Nillin for providing our much-needed dose of cock for smutty inspiration! To find your favorite stories, check out Masturbation Monday Week 257.

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