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Masturbation Monday Week 258 Round-Up by Jupiter Grant

It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome Jupiter Grant to the Masturbation Monday round-up this week. Jupiter is a relative newcomer to Masturbation Monday, but every story shared is erotic, sensual, and such a good read. This week, Jupiter  picks their three favorite posts from the week — and as always, everyone made it challenging in the best possible way!

Masturbation Monday was the first meme I ever took part in and, as such, it holds a special place in my heart. Every week, I look forward to reading everyone’s sexy masturbation-inspiring posts. So I was thrilled when Kayla invited me to do my very first Round-Up.

What I always love about Masturbation Monday is that it’s a fabulous one-stop-shop for hot and sexy stories to turn me on. So my only criteria going in to the Round-Up was “does this piece draw me in to a sexy fantasy world and get my juices flowing?”

There have been some terrific submissions this week, and it’s a hard call to pick my three favorites, but here are my choices.

Masturbation Monday Self-Love Affair by Girl on the Net

Masturbating in front of a mirror – always hot. Making love to your reflection, reverently and as a pledge to be one’s own best lover- super f-‘ing hot!! Girl on the Net’s tale of pleasuring oneself where others have failed to do so is wonderfully sensual, and a great use of the prompt pic, too! I loved this!

She stands in front of the bedroom mirror in a fur coat and stockings that she will never wear in the presence of another person. That feels delicious, so she says it aloud:

“I will never wear these for anyone except myself.”

Her skin is smooth and her head is clear and her body is all hers – no one else’s.

She tells herself:

“You’re beautiful. And you’re mine.” Keep reading

Touch by Master’s Musings

A lovely blend of erotica and speculative fiction from Master’s Musings, with a bit of non-con erotic hypnosis / mind control / sexy supernatural power. I found myself really drawn into the story, and creating the pictures inside my head. Very erotic!

I closed my eyes, reached out with my senses and touched her skin with my mind, tentatively. Her skin was a bit damp from the excitement and anticipation of the book. I could taste the tiny drops, smell her exquisite scent, even watch it up close. I felt her deep breathing, her chest rising and falling slowly, with an occasional sharp intake of breath, and I had settled into her rhythm. After all, stealth is the name of the game. Keep reading.

Fur Coat, No Knickers by Kisungura

A beautifully crafted piece of erotica about a life model at a private art school whose fur-coat becomes her trademark. I love the wonderful way in which Kisungura constructs the sensuality of the story-world. This erotica fired my imagination, creating a hot fantasy setting that set my pulse racing. And another great use of Floss’ fantastic prompt image.

She’d pretend not to notice stiffening cocks straining under paint splattered denims as they shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. She’d watch young muscular arms sweeping across drawing boards, capturing her under adept hands as dirty fingertips stroked her into life. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Floss Liddell for inspiring this week’s sexy stories. To pick you favorite post, head over to Masturbation Monday Week 258!

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