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Masturbation Monday Week 259 Round-Up by Deviant Succubus

From the very first blog post I read by Deviant Succubus to now, I’ve been drawn to her words and the stories she shares. It’s not often that I’m turned on by something that would normally be a hard limit, but she’s one of the few bloggers who can make that happen. I am so happy she’s here to share her three favorite Masturbation Monday posts of the week!

Masturbation Monday is the one meme I contribute to every week. I have not missed out on it once ever since I started blogging. it has been a great inspiration for my erotic fiction and pushes me to actually write something juicy and sexy. And just as much as I love what the meme has done for my writing, I also love reading everyone else’s contributions each week. I get turned on by words and oh my, I always find something that gets me all hot and bothered when I read through the Masturbation Monday posts!

So you can imagine my excitement when Kayla asked me to do the round-up this week. But this is much harder than I thought! There were so many fantastic contributions and it was very difficult to narrow them down to my top three. But here it goes. These three posts really got me going!

I know what you did this summer … by Francesca Demont

This post is all kinds of hot. She invites the reader to use her the way they have dreamed of. She pushes and teases, she is descriptive and enticing. Her writing really drew me in and the way she slowly pulls you into a space where you want her submission and what she offers, is delicious. And then, oh, and then! Read for yourself and wince under her spell.

…you’ve looked at my pictures all summer long. You’ve seen me in latex, naked, write about smut and blowjobs. You’ve been obsessing over me. Yes, you. Wake up, you’ve been lusting over each post, each picture, and each word. Now I tease you in the way I show my body to you, sending every signal that says, ‘take me’. Like a forbidden fruit, it’s wrong, but feels so good. You’ve been told that masturbation is bad, but you do it anyway. Your cock, my cunt, ready for you to take me the way you want. Keep reading.

Lick by Jupiter Grant

Jupiter Grant is the queen of words. She puts together sentences that make you moan in awe and excitement. Two women in erotic play, oral sex and mind blowing orgasms. This story has everything that you would need to get off. And all of that wrapped in words that create symphony after symphony. Wonderful!

That first night with her was a revelation, an education in sexual pleasure. After our languorous mutual masturbation we had lain there kissing slowly. Her mouth tasted sweet. It was unlike the kisses of a man; neither better nor worse, just different, and exciting in its newness. Her lips were softer, her tongue gentle as it probed my mouth, grazed over my teeth and lips, and moved sinuously against my own. Keep reading.

Good Things Come in Threes by Blue Submission

Blue’s description of her experiences sounds like a fantasy that has become a reality. One Dominant, two submissives. There is control, there are toys, there is pain. And above all there is a strong connection of trust and attraction between everyone involved. Gosh, her recollections really left me go “Wow, I want that too!”.

The build up lasted all week with texts asking how I liked to be touched, shared pictures and wished good mornings and a bit of friendly competition where the big winner turned out to be Sir. He allowed me to read their texts and when she called him Sir, my fingers found their way into my panties and worked their way into my wetness until I shuddered in orgasm. My body simmered all week, and my mind wandered often, wondering what she looked like under her clothes, how she tasted, what kind of sounds she would make when she came. I love teetering in anticipation, imagining how it will all play out, dreaming of giggles and moans and contented sighs, and by the time Friday arrived, I was buzzing. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Victoria Blisse for providing cosmic inspiration this week! To find your favorite story, find it at Masturbation Monday Week 259!

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  1. This is such an honor, and what great and delicious stories there are. Thank you, Kayla, for running it, and Deviant Succubus for including my mischievous story among her favorites this week. I’m still a newbie, but Masturbation Monday is really growing on me. An opportunity to let go of any inhibitions and go wild. Thank you!

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