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Masturbation Monday Week 260 Round-Up by Ria Restrepo

For as long as I’ve read her writing, I’ve loved the themes, style, and sexiness of every story by Ria Restrepo. She hits so many of my hottest buttons — sometimes all in one story! I often click away thinking, “Well now I have a new sexual fantasy I didn’t know I needed.” I’m always glad to see her stories for Masturbation Monday, and I’m equally glad she’s here this week to pick her three favorite posts!

I truly believe that participating in the weekly writing prompts—like Masturbation Monday—has made me a better writer. It’s been a great source of inspiration in a couple of ways. The prompts have given me ideas I might not have had otherwise, and reading the other amazing and very creative posts has pushed me to think outside the box. Like most things, the more you write, the more you improve, so I always try to write something for every prompt.

When Kayla asked me to do the Masturbation Monday Round-up, I was very honored and immediately agreed. I knew it wouldn’t be easy picking only three top posts and it wasn’t. However, I love a good challenge—especially when it involves reading lots of juicy smut. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Without further ado, my top three picks…

Room Cleaning by Francesca Demont

Admittedly, I’m a geek, so I loved the creative use of technology by Francesca. This is a wicked idea I wish I’d come up with—although, I don’t think I would have had the guts to try it myself. When the erotic escapade goes spectacularly awry, I couldn’t help but giggle. Also, I love the way the story is constructed and the brilliant writing. That the story is true makes it even more irresistible.

Flip-flops in my hand, I impatiently wait for the elevator door to open. ‘Damned, do people have to get off on EVERY floor?’ I’m not sure I can make it much longer, squeezing my legs together only makes it worse. “F-l-o-o-r N-u-m-b-e-r F-o-u-r”. ‘F-l-o-o-r N-u-m-b-e-r F-i-v-e.’ The soft elevator voice is taunting me until finally, “Ding!”, the door opens.

I race down the long corridor, grab the door handle, and when the door does not budge, hammer my fists against it in frustration, letting out a primal scream that was heard across my floor. Keep reading

That One Night Out, Then In by Steeled Snake

You may have already guessed it, but I have a wicked sense of humor. I love stories that are not only hot, but also funny. The scenario in this story was ripe for hilarity and the subtle wit in the writing was beyond charming. The risk of discovery added a spicy element I found highly arousing. Oh, what is it about elevators…

The doors open, still no one. This time you don’t wait. You push the close button. I start to say “you know, those aren’t actually working buttons…” and you cut me off by kissing me, then sucking my tongue into your mouth. Another button on my shirt. I’m hard as a rock, completely willing to pull the alarm and stop this elevator, but I suspect it’s not like in the movies and we’d have “assistance” here in seconds. Keep reading.

Shared! by Posy Churchgate

I confess I’ve had fantasies about being thoroughly debauched by a group of men. However, I’m too much of a one-man woman to ever want to make it a reality. That doesn’t mean sizzling hot stories like this one don’t leave me squirming in my seat—in a very good way. The intense connection between the submissive and her dominant while she’s willingly being ravished by other men is so seductive. I also loved reading the story from both the submissive’s and the dominant’s points of view.

Marcia stood with hands behind her back and legs spread shoulder width apart. It was not necessary to lower her gaze, as a blindfold hugged her eyes. It didn’t, however, muffle the sound of approaching footsteps. The men were wearing shoes! She hadn’t expected that, dressed as she was in a skimpy bikini of black leather and stockings, as prescribed by her Master. A prickle of apprehension crept over her, twinned with a cringe of humiliation. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Lascivious Lucy for inspiring this week’s sexy stories! To find your favorite reads, check out Masturbation Monday Week 260!

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  1. I am delighted that my collaboration with another sexy writer found favour here. I think we both let our fantasies play out in the story we wrote and the feedback has been very positive and kind. I love Ria’s writing, like Kayla it often pushes several of MY sexy buttons in one story. Thanks for reading and judging – I know from my experiences it’s a tough job to pick just three as the standard is so high and the entries so varied.

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