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Masturbation Monday Week 262 Round-Up by Posy Churchgate

Posy Churchgate is a lovely human being, a sex blogger who just keeps getting better, and one of the most supportive people in the sex blogging community. Even when she’s having a rough time in life, she finds something sweet, encouraging, and kind to say to and about others. We could all do with positivity like that in our lives. I’ve enjoyed watching her grow and improve as a blogger over the last couple of years and am so glad to know her in real life. THIS week, she’s spreading positive vibes in another way — by choosing her three favorite Masturbation Monday posts of the week!

Guys! This wonderful meme was chock full of great pieces this week, not just fiction (which is my favorite) but non fiction and pictures too.  My first read through brought 8 pieces to my attention, although all submissions were wonderful in different ways. To help me narrow it down I am going to choose a fiction favorite, a media favorite and one with a bit of twist.

Dear John by Eve Ray

Let me start there, with Eve’s letter, Dear John. Eve unashamedly writes strong women, feisty women, gals who know what they want and aren’t ashamed to make sure they get it! We could all learn a little from Alice’s ‘help herself’ attitude.This girl wants John as more than just a friend and she has had a lot of fun taking those first steps to ‘convert’ their relationship!

Dear John,

I hope you have had a great time on holiday. I have really enjoyed taking care of your flat and now have a week away myself. I look forward to catching up when I get back.

I have vacuumed, washed up the dirty plates you left lying around the place, (please don’t use plates as ashtrays again!). I have watered your plants every day . I even cleaned your bathroom. I was going to change your bedclothes but well ……actually I have a confession to make. Keep reading.

Adoration by The Life of Elliott

What can I tell you about Elliott’s piece, Adoration? Look for yourself, it’s a pictorial representation of his relationship with fellow bloggers and Twitter friends. He enjoys the images they share in a natural, primal way, and is equally generous with his own. Our images inspire him to write and he cheerleads fellow writers. I found his submission refreshingly different.

Take a look at Elliott’s photos.

That Touch of Arrogance by Ria Restrepo

My third selection is Ria Restrepo’s piece of fiction That Touch of Arrogance. Despite being predominantly dialogue, this conveys so much simmering, intense passion and desire while promising physical entanglements galore. It’s not til you look back at it critically that you realize you filled in almost all the sexy blanks yourself! And yeah, I melt at that touch of arrogance too.

Ruby red lipstick was poised at my lips when I saw the reflection of the door behind me open. I should have been surprised when he walked in, but I wasn’t. I knew he’d return eventually.

His gaze found mine in the mirror and his lips slowly curved into a cocky grin. As he locked the ladies’ room door behind him, I carefully applied the bright red color. Keep reading.

Thanks so much to Kayla for creating and hosting this meme, my own writing could not have improved or gained visibility without it.

A big thank you to Quinn Rhodes for providing the sexy inspiration this week! To find your favorite story of the week, head to Masturbation Monday Week 262!

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  1. Oh I loved doing this! Thank you for inviting me.
    I am only sorry I couldn’t pick more because they battled each other with their creativity. Can’t wait til next week.

  2. Thank you, Posy for choosing to highlight me. I thought it would be fun to do something other than a story for MM, for of course that’s what my post was all about. Thanks to Kayla too, for providing this platform.

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