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Masturbation Monday Week 263 Round-Up by Violet Fawkes

I am so happy to have Violet Fawkes here this week for the Masturbation Monday round-up! Everything she writes is a delight to read. It turns me on or makes me think, and often, it does both! From her kinky perspective on life to her Lingerie is for Everyone meme (something you should check out if you’re a blogger OR someone who enjoys seeing people in their underwear), I enjoy everything Violet does. And now she’s HERE sharing her favorite smut for the week!

I was so sassy earlier this week, Tweeting about the contributors to this week’s Masturbation Monday link-up making it hard for me to choose a Top 3. I cheekily said to bring your A-Game, and I got what was coming to me because it was so hard to narrow down! My process is to open every link in a separate tab and close tabs and eliminate as I go until I have a short-list. Then I read them again and close some more tabs, often reading my final 3 picks several times. My first shortlist was 15! Then I got it down to 11, then 6. Finally, three pieces remained and here they are, my picks for this week’s Masturbation Monday, in no particular order (if you need me, I’ll be resting my eyes!):

A Private Space by Kristan X

This story is so captivating to me, in part because it’s so relatable and familiar, but also because it’s so naturally tense; the fogged windows both protecting from prying eyes and belying the truth of what’s happening in that parked car. The nervous energy of first times, private public play and the poetic interplay of her warm wet mouth and the warm dampness of sitting in a car next to someone you want to touch and kiss and please, <insert gleefully guttural sounds here>, all wrapped up in a short, urgent story that’s done as soon as it’s started, echoing the feeling of the sexy liaison. Masterful short story writing!

She went down on me for the first time while we were parked in front of the house she shared with her parents and sisters. It was winter, the sky extraordinarily clear and bright. She was kissing me, and then her hand was fumbling with my belt, freeing me awkwardly from my jeans, wrapping tight around me. Then I was enveloped in the warm wetness of her mouth. Keep reading.

Quick and Dirty Rope Play Fucking by Quinn Rhodes

I enjoyed the tension in this piece and the way that it captures the intensity of rope play combined with a D/s dynamic, but in such a light handed way. Rope doesn’t have to be a heavy, intense and brutal experience at all, it can be brief and fun and just a tool to other means, in this case it highlights the Dominant partner’s control: “They use the rope to mind-fuck her, and it’s quick and dirty and she loves it.” The immediacy in Quinn’s writing is strong and this piece is no exception. It’s a quick, hot, dirty read and I loved it!

While she pretty sure that she hadn’t called rope play boring, it’s hard to argue with the dominant enby who has an arm wrapped around your throat as they explain what they’re going to do to you. Namely, show her that rope can be fast and dirty and totally her kink after all. Keep reading.

Familiar Strangers by Annabel Lee

I love a bottle scene (where the whole story unfolds in one place, at one time). I love a good twist. I love impromptu public sex in erotica. I love this story. The pacing is so tricky to get right in stories set like this but it is perfectly executed here. May I also point out that in this story, there is a moment of checking for consent AND the use of a condom, two things that most of us (myself included) don’t write into erotica often enough.

Eyes clashing, I hold his gaze and refuse to look away. His lips lift in a smile. This man is at most, familiar I know his face but not his name. We catch the same train to work every day; boarding at the same station and always sitting in the front carriage. As the months have passed we have progressed to polite smiles in greeting each morning. Keep reading.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed this week, you did honestly make it hard to choose. This community is so brimming with talent and I’m so happy and proud to be a part of it. Thanks for the chance to delve deep into this week’s delicious pieces and share my thoughts!

A big thanks to David Mei for providing this week’s inspiration! To find your favorite post, head to Masturbation Monday Week 263!


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