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Masturbation Monday Week 264 Round-Up by Violet Grey

Violet Grey is an amazing writer. I’ve read her erotic fiction (and maybe some non-fiction?) for Masturbation Monday many times. Even better, I’ve worked with her on other websites as an editor. She’s fabulous to read, to work with, and to know. I’m so glad she’s here THIS week for the Masturbation Monday round-up!

First of all I want to thank Kayla for asking me to do the round-up this week. Reading through all these posts was an absolute pleasure, and it was really difficult to pick just three overall. Like every week, y’all really pulled out the stops and had me reaching for a fan!

Off The Path by Kristan X

Getting hot and heavy in the great outdoors was a running theme this week. Kristan really got me hot under the collar by writing some delicious primal sex. There’s something about sexy-time in nature that gets us in tough with our base, primal instincts, and their descriptions of the moans and groans in their surroundings is just…*chef kiss* beautiful!

We left the path. Hopped a ditch and, hand-in-hand, dipped into the shade of the trees. At first: relief. The day was blazing hot and the path was full of sun. The shade beneath the trees was cool and moist, wet and green. It felt like settling into a cool bath on a hot day. Keep reading.

Even Though by Ria Restrepo

I am a total sucker for teasing. Ria absolutely nails this in this post, teasing away until the gentleman concerned just can’t take it anymore, leading to some smoking hot fucking that’s left to our imaginations. Phwoar! *grabs fan*.

Just inside his apartment, we were locked in a passionate embrace, his body pinning mine to the door. Moaning as he fiercely reclaimed my mouth, I rocked my hips against his obvious erection. Keep reading.

What We Both Want by Jerusalem Mortimer

What I really like about Jerusalem Mortimer’s stories is the realism he puts into them. Even if the story is purely in fantasy, the dialogue and characters are relatable and believable. So when I read this particular post, I liked how there was a brief negotiation of kinks that we’ve all had with partners at some point. Along with their descriptions of orgasms!

“We definitely did. Draw things out in each other. Right from the moment you pushed my skirt up.” Keep reading.

As always a big thank you to Focused and Filthy for providing the delightful inspiration this week. To pick your favorite stories, go to Masturbation Monday Week 264!

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