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Masturbation Monday Week 265 Round-Up by Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a kinkster, a fabulous writer, and half of the sexy, smutty blog (Discovering Kink) that she runs with her husband. Her writing will either make you melt or combust — it’s that hot. I always love when she participates in Masturbation Monday, and I’m so happy to have her here this week to pick her favorite posts!

Wow! What a week to be faced with the roundup for Masturbation Monday..  A beautiful, serene image from Haiku inspired 32 steamy, erotic submissions, all for our viewing and smutty pleasure.  I whittled it down to a shortlist of seven, and then down to five. It was so hard to let those last two go, but here are my top three for this week.

Lido… – Smutathon by The Other Livvy

This story sucked me in right from the beginning. I have spent many a day at the public pool in the stinking hot summer.  Watching the couples surreptitiously touching each other, being a part of a couple engaging in deeds below the water that would not be allowed above it.  The imagined meeting between the lifeguard and cafe worker was a highlight for me in this.

The smell of chlorine will always take me back there. It’s the real smell of summer in the city, better than the smell of smog and decay and dirt that clung to the streets. Chlorine is the smell of my summer in the city, reminding me of days by the lido when I swam so much my blonde hair turned green and my bikini faded to nothing. Rising early to avoid the queues then staying late to avoid, well, everything else, weeks would melt away under the sun and in the pool. Keep reading.

Come And Get It While It’s Hot by Jupiter Grant

I appreciated the progression of emotion in this piece from Jupiter.  Watching her move from panic and confusion, through to hot and horny, with some seriously seductive words from her lover over the phone.  If I am to receive a phone call at 2am in the morning I want it to end the way this one did.

The shrill sound of my phone’s ringtone wakes me from a deep and restful sleep. For a moment or two, I am completely confused and discombobulated. Then comes the panic: the only reason someone would be calling at this time of the morning is because of an emergency. Something bad must have happened. Flustered, I snap up my phone, glance at the caller ID, and swipe to answer it. Keep reading.

Addictive by Floss Liddell

This piece of writing by Floss catapulted straight into my top three when I read it.  It was as though she had read my diary, where I had listed my innermost thoughts and cravings when it comes to Raven.  It was a bit surreal actually, to read words written by and for another which could have been my own. Brilliant but surreal. I love when I read something that sends shivers down my spine and tingles where it is always fantastic to have tingles. Thanks Floss.

It’s addictive; his touch. The gentle roaming of his hands across my flesh, slowly, achingly slow, testing, teasing, finding their way until I can’t help but sigh and let out a low moan that tells him he’s got my attention. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Haiku (@19syllables on Twitter) for providing this week’s inspiration. To find your favorite story this week, head over to Masturbation Monday Week 265.

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