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Masturbation Monday Week 267 Round-Up by Tabitha Rayne

I am thrilled to have Tabitha Rayne here with us this week! Designer of sex toys, writer of erotic words, taker of gloriously smutty images, and all-around wonderful woman, I simply adore her! Her writing is insightful, vulnerable, and amazing to read. And now she’s choosing her favorite words of the week for Masturbation Monday!

I always love the idea of being the one to choose a top three. I get so excited to be asked and look forward to it with relish. The reality though is something else entirely – it’s just so damn hard to boil this much talent down to only 3 choices.

I read them all (each one being my favorite at the time) then decided that the three that came back to me would make the cut. So here goes. There was one exception which was on the list no matter what.

No Consent part 2 by Marie Rebelle

I was not expecting to see this post. It comes with a content warning.

This is a harrowing read of sexual abuse. It is written without emotion or any sort of sentiment. Just a factual account which somehow makes it even more personal and intense. Marie has caught me off guard this week with this piece. My awe and respect for her has grown even deeper (if that’s possible). An important and difficult read of stolen innocence. I can’t quite put into words, it’s a sadly familiar story to many. Thank you Marie for sharing.

His hand was there. On the inside of Annie’s thigh. It crept upwards. His fingers forced her legs apart. Then he touched her.

There. Keep reading.

A Walled Reunion by Doctor J

My next choice comes from the awesome Dr J. To me, erotica can transcend so many human experiences – it can wipe the years away, convey so much emotion, yearning, history. God, this story has it all. With farmyard hay to boot. Holy shit, this got me in all the right places – the fact they have so much history and regret between them. I absolutely loved this story – I could smell the dusty farmyard, feel the heartache – ugh. amazing.

“Looking good, cowboy.”

“Not so bad yourself, Shorty.”

I gazed down at his hot body. “You created a plan.”

“I’ve had lots of time to consider one.” He traced the scallop edge of my bra before he leaned in and sniffed. “You still wear honeysuckle.” Keep reading.

Gosh I didn’t know you were there by Steeled Snake

And this, where Dr J’s was steeped in feverent history, this was a snapshot of a current scene. A voyueristic tale of catching a partner absolutely absorbed in self-pleasure, completely unaware of being watched.

For me it was the beauty of the descriptions – the rhythmic tick of the movements – I was there with the watcher – witnessing every twitch, every spasm.

‘I watch as your breath catches. I see the muscles in your legs firm up, hold, then shake just a bit as they let go again, then repeat that whole cycle. I see you oh so slowly rocking, these waves of erotic energy from your head to your toes and back again.’

This description repeats in waves of different words – it’s stunning, I love it.

After a long day at work, I make my way home, a tad earlier than usual, but nothing big deal. I head inside and and hear music out in the family room, clearly it’s you, I recognize the playlist.

“Honey, I’m home,” I say in jest. But I don’t think you can hear me. The music is up and I just assume you can’t make out my infamous line, so I go to find you. I do. I find you reclined in that over-stuffed chair, facing away from me… and naked. Keep reading.

A big thanks to May More for providing this week’s inspiration! To find your favorite story of the week, go to Masturbation Monday Week 267!

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  1. Thank you, Tabitha, totally unexpectedly your comment brought tears to my eyes. I never expected to see any of these posts in a roundup. I can’t put into words how much this means to me.

    Rebel xox

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