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Masturbation Monday Week 268 Round-Up by Kristan X

I know, I know. I say this every week, but if you haven’t read Kristan X yet, you are genuinely missing out. From the inner-workings of a devious (in a good way) Dominant’s mind to the sexy musings of what a submissive partner might think and feel, everything Kristan writes is SOOOOOO good. Whether it’s hundreds of words or a bit of flash fiction, I always find myself squirming in the best possible way. And this week, he’s here to pick his favorite smut of the week!

It was a delight to be asked to do a round-up for Masturbation Monday. I always enjoy browsing through the stories and posts and seeing what kind of filth the prompt inspires. It had an extra frisson this week, as I was looking for three which really spoke to me.
Of course, it was a tough job, since every piece had something that grabbed me, inspired me, or made me feel something. In the end, though, I could only choose three. Here they are.

Bite Your Tongue by Victoria Blisse

Biting has been on my mind a lot lately, so this story stuck out for me. It has the ring of truth, and it’s also as sweet as it is seductive. It’s not as outright sexual as my other picks, but it gives a window into a relationship that’s a joy to look through. Plus it describes the sensation of a bitten tongue so well I could almost taste it as I was reading.

This time they bit my tongue all the harder. I mean, I had just openly challenged them to do so, really. It hurt, it burnt, it felt strange and sexy all at once. We were passionately snogging, for all other people knew and my brain was definitely recognising the sensation of H’s lips on mine as a kiss. Their teeth etched a line of pain across my tongue. And I liked it. It hurt, it really hurt but fuck me, it was hot. Keep reading.

Facial by Morag

Facials are a standard porn trope. They’re vulgar, obscene, and objectionable to some people. Rarely do they get as serious and nuanced a look as they do in this piece. Not only does Morag’s passion come across loud and clear, it’s also incredibly hot to read about someone doing something they love – especially when that’s taking a load of come on their face.

With the other couples watching, it is humiliating and exhilarating at the same time. The humiliation of being watched as I am marked in this way; the exhilaration of knowing Master C owns me. He may let the other men in the circle fuck me and use me. He may let those men put their own marks on my skin, but only Master C owns me, and His cum on my face is a visual reminder of that. Keep reading.

My Russian Halloween  by Francesca Demont

As far as I’m concerned some of the most interesting writing about sex is that which pushes boundaries, or strays into areas that might be uncertain or uncomfortable. This beautifully articulate piece about power play in a different culture is something I would never have dared write, but I love it for its honesty, its truth, and its willingness to play at the edge of things.

I’m a slut. Going out in public half naked. Taunting him to humiliate me; he may not even know what he’s doing. I’m turning from sub to bottom in a flash. All of a sudden, I call the shots, he is the top, but I’m in control. Back in our room, he finds out why, and I’ll have to pay the price. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Lindsey Knott for providing our sexy inspiration this! To find your favorite post of the week, check out Masturbation Monday Week 268.

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