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Masturbation Monday Week 269 Round-Up

Soooo, as of the day of publication, it’s my 40th birthday (October 30), and I decided I would do the round-up this week. As a gift to myself? To my smutty writer friends? Who knows, but it sounded like fun. As always, all of the stories were really good. Needing a way to pick, and this being the final Halloween-themed prompt of the month, I chose stories that were sexy and spooky at the same time. And since it is my birthday, I picked more than three posts!

Halloween Treat by Zebra Rose

The idea of a demon-powered fucking machine definitely intrigues me but it was the very real and pragmatic “voice” of the storyteller that really got me. Worrying about potential damage and filing an insurance claim had me thinking, “Same!”

What’s better than a high-powered, seven-speed deluxe fucking machine?

demon-possessed, high-powered, seven-speed deluxe fucking machine, obviously. Keep reading.

The Third Party by Jupiter Grant

This story is told from an observer, someone not directly involved in the action, but who clearly gets involved when necessary. This is one Kewpie Doll I wouldn’t want to piss off. This is another story with a strong narrative voice that pulls you into the action. Also, it’s a bit creepy which makes it even better.

From the half-lit corner of Hannah’s bedroom, I watch as the handsome young man cups her pert breasts, licking the coffee-coloured peaks of her nipples. She moans his name- “Tony, oh Tony”- as his agile tongue flickers back and forth, his teeth nip, and his full lips draw her teats into his mouth to suckle. Keep reading.

Guise by Kisungura

Kisungura does spooky, eerie, and haunting so damn well. From the very beginning I’m pulled in and desperate to know more…while also being a little afraid to know more. Even better, we get a bit of a twist at the end which only makes me want the story to continue.

The burnished russet hue of the dying sun slowly dissipated, consumed at last by the black ink of night. She sat alone in the sparse room, carefully applying her make up, taking extra care to blend the smooth satin pigment across every inch of her face and hands and around her slender neck. She stretched her charcoal rimmed eyelids wide and touched the lenses into place, blinking as her eyesight blurred then adjusted to the coloured films. Slotting acrylic caps over her eye teeth, she checked that her bite looked natural then swept a layer of deep red gloss over her plump lips. The guise was complete. Keep reading.

A Strange Encounter by Deviant Succubus

Things are not always as they appear, especially when you encounter fragile-looking women in strange places. As always, Deviant Succubus brings a strong voice and plenty of spookiness.

He embraced his shoulders as he entered the ruins of the old church. The roof only partially covered the rooms but this was still an improvement to the tree he had tried to find refuge under a few minutes ago. He had been wandering through the open landscapes and meadows all afternoon and had lost track of time. Darkness was slowly descending over the quiet scenery he was looking over as he turned around. The rain shower had surprised him. He had been in deep thought, trying to gather where his path was supposed to lead him, flashes of his now broken engagement mixing with dreams of white beaches and turquoise waters. He was now determined to leave the country and engage in hedonistic pleasures for a while. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Violet Fawkes for providing the haunting and erotic prompt this week. To find your favorite story, head to Masturbation Monday Week 269!

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